1. Hi all. I will be taking my NCLEX-RN in a few months. Any suggestions on which one of the programs or books I can use to study? What helped you?

    Thank you
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  3. by   not.done.yet
    I took the Kaplan course in person. Pricey but well worth it.
  4. by   Justlikeyou
    Kaplan on my own- began studying 4 months after graduation. I passed on my first try.
  5. by   brebells
    I used Hurst review and UWorld as my programs. It is a pricey combo, but I feel anything is worth passing your NCLEX the first time. I feel like every nursing student should purchase UWorld in prepping for their NCLEX. The questions are modelled very similarly to the NCLEX and the rationales are very thorough. I initially only started off with UWorld, but as I was progressing through the questions I decided I needed a review course, and Hurst seemed the most compact. I made it through all of the Hurst review videos in less than a week. As someone who found it hard to focus during lectures, I actually found Hurst review quite interesting, thorough, and easy to understand. I was getting really good scores on UWorld after doing this.

    You have a lot of study time though, so you could honestly go any direction you want. I would highly recommend trying to get through all of UWorld's Qbank and then redoing your incorrect answers.
  6. by   belle980
    Uworld for sure!
  7. by   spreadsatori
    I strongly recommend UWORLD. Answer all the questions. Read the rationales carefully and listen to Mark Klimek's lectures.
  8. by   Meryb88
    Thank you for your reply! All of you

    I have heard about Uworld many times. Now, I am convinced it is good since everyone recommends it.
  9. by   Meryb88
    If you dont mind me asking , what were you scoring on the Uworld exams in the beginning and before taking the Nclex?