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  1. Justlikeyou

    2018 RN hourly pay

    Much better than UT. Our starting rate was $22.75
  2. Justlikeyou

    2018 RN hourly pay

    I work on Ortho too! That's a great hourly rate. I wish it were the same in UT. I know cost of living differs drastically but it's not that cheap here. Also- RNs are just underpaid in general across the nation given their responsibilities.
  3. Justlikeyou


    Kaplan on my own- began studying 4 months after graduation. I passed on my first try.
  4. Justlikeyou

    Which areas in hospital least physically demanding?

    Dialysis, same day surgery or short stay unit?
  5. Justlikeyou

    Tips for same day surgery

    Hey fellow RN's I just got offered a PRN position for same day surgery. I am super excited to start. I would like some general tips/advice for working in same day surgery. It is within the hospital. I will not be floating to PACU, just pre/post op. Do you like it? If so, what do you like? If no, what don't you like or could improve? FYI I have been an RN for 3 years. Med Surg. Thanks so much in advance.
  6. Justlikeyou

    RN's are you happy with your career, why or why not?

    Becoming an RN is prob one of the best decisions I've made in life. Like any career, it has ups and downs. What i love: Patient interaction (nothing like being able to establish a rapport within minutes of meeting a stranger), co-workers, it is challenging, 3 days a week which means I can travel quite often, you can change specialities, can relocate anywhere- there is a need and lots of opportunities! What i don't love: Staffing issues- being short makes for a stressful shift and compromises patient safety, pay isn't all that great for all the responsibilities one has (at least in UT), difficult and rude patients- usually because they are in a vulnerable position and generally not a personal thing.
  7. Justlikeyou

    IV therapy/infusion clinic

    I don't have any helpful information but it's something that's helped intrigued me as well.
  8. Justlikeyou

    2018 RN hourly pay

    Hey everyone, I'm interested in what fellow RNs around the country are making hourly so please share! I'll start! Hourly rate: $28.11 hospital/location: University of Utah in SLC, UT Experience: 3.5 years in Med/Surg Thanks everyone!
  9. Justlikeyou

    Nursing salary in Salt lake city and surrounding areas

    Starting for new grad at the University of Utah in 2015 was $22.75. I am currently making $28 and some change after 3.5 years of experience in med/surg. Hope this helps.
  10. Justlikeyou

    PRN position & Regular staff

    Hi there fellow RN's. I am currently a full time RN at the University of Utah, seeking a PRN position as well. I have an interview on a med/surg unit at Intermountain Healthcare (IHC) and I would like to know a bit about your experience working full time and PRN so please share your experiences working PRN schedules, orientation you received, the interview process. Additionally, I would like to know (if you feel comfortable sharing) your hourly PRN rate vs hourly rate for your permanent regular full time position. I know it is generally higher given one needs to compensate for lack of insurance, cancellations, etc. However, I am not sure what to expect as far as pay is concerned. Hourly rate: $28 and some change Hospital/location: University of Utah in SLC, UT Experience: 3.5 years in Med/Surg Please share any advice! Responses and contribution greatly appreciated from everyone!
  11. Justlikeyou

    University of Utah

    Hi all... I am a pre-nursing student hoping to apply to the U of U program this January. Its is quite the competitive school in Utah... Any experiences from those already accepted or those rejected? I would love it if you share your story :) thanks in advance!