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HI! I just need your advice. please? I didn't pass the Nursing Licensure Exam here in the Philippines last June 2006. i'll retake the test this coming december. My friends adviced me to start... Read More

  1. by   rke18
    Quote from suzanne4
    llinois requires the CES be submitted first, as well as passing of the English exams before they will permit you to sit for the exam.
    does this apply to New Jersey? because i am planning to wait for the eligibility to sit first and take the NCLEX before the IELTS. :spin:
  2. by   tinpanganiban
    Go for Kaplan! i passed
  3. by   aying
    Quote from ernbabjr
    You said that you applied online(KAPLAN)? how did you paid it? is it via credit card. And one more thing what is more advicable ill took my review online or just in a regular class.
    I suggest you use the saunders comprehensive exam book & CD + NCSBN module online. It worked for me! Plus I don't have anything against live lectures, it's just that I didn't get more from the lecturers more than what I learned from school. But reading the college textbooks, especially MS by Black, was really valuable in answering the difficult questions during the NCLEX. Learning the disease process will get you through questions that requires Critical Thinking! Good luck!
  4. by   aying
    Quote from xyacivx
    hi anyone! i really need help regarding my appli to New Mexico. Does anyone here applied for New Nexico? how true is the news that applying for CA will take 8 mos?
    I am licensed in New Mexico. Got my eligibility in 2 months, result in 2 days, and license was mailed in 3weeks (i love that little green card w/ the lamp as hologram!). I finished in 50 minutes w/ 75 questions. What's my secret? I made sure I can explain the disease process. Proved to be valuable in answering questions that requires critical thinking. I self-studied, used saunder's comprehensive review book + cd, and NCSBN online. Took 3 months to study & US$ 750 including HK exam. About California, a memo was sent to me from CA BON, she said that for int'l applicants, it will take 20-24 weeks to process if you will apply from October to December. Good luck!