NCLEX Results delayed - March 2018

  1. Anyone take the NCLEX exam between March 5-16th? I have not received my results for yet, (took it the 13th) and I heard the BRN is backed up and processing can take longer than 2 weeks for these test date frames?? Anyone take it and get their results?

    This waiting game is just killing me
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  3. by   Sour Lemon
    There are a LOT of different BONs, so you might need to be more specific if you're hoping for any meaningful type of answer.
    Some BONs post your license number on the internet before you receive notification, so you may want to keep an eye on that if you're not already.
  4. by   pattytorio
    I'm in the exact situation. Took my NCLEX-RN 3/13/18 at 8 am in California. No name on the BRN. My breeze acct still says "pending". I've done the Pearson Vue Trick at least 20x with the good pop up showing all the time. I wonder what happened
  5. by   megs.flores
  6. by   NurseDHarris
    I don't know if the nclex rn and on are different but I took the pn stopped at 85 on 03/12/2018 my school told me I passed that day but I need official confirmation and just decided today to do the pvt and got the good pop up
    But still no status change on breeze so waiting is really killing me!! I'm in California
  7. by   turnbull511
    Any of you get your result or see your name posted? I took mine 3/26...
    Also, is having your name on the Breeze website how employers check if you have your license? Is that where they look to verify?
  8. by   NurseDHarris
    It's a area on breeze when you first go on the site for verify license they can type in your name and verify that way
  9. by   Injection
    I took mine 3/12/18 - No word yet! I did check the website and they are processing results from 3/6/18 so we are close!!
  10. by   turnbull511
    Update- my license just posted on breeze and the CA BRN! Right around the 48 hour mark. I'm guessing that means I was lucky enough to get auto processed? Not sure... but I hope those of you who haven't heard get your result this week too.
    And FYI I don't think location matters- I took my NCLEX in Michigan.
  11. by   ReeltoRealNurse
    I took mine 3/26 too. This waiting is nerve rocking!!!!!! Good luck to us.
  12. by   NurseDHarris
    Any news yet?
  13. by   ReeltoRealNurse
    Got my result 4/9. I took it 3/26. PVT works!
  14. by   HapaNess908
    Quote from megs.flores
    Did you get your results yet? I took my NCLEX VN on 3/29 and the wait is killing me!!