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  1. I took the NCLEX 2-06-07. On 2-8-07 I checked the Texas BNE and my name was posted under verify lisence. Does this mean I passed??? I can do the quick result but I allready called everyone when I saw my name posted on the Texas BNE website and said I PASSED!....When I checked it how come mine expires 7-31-07 while my friends expiration dates are 2008 or 2009?
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  3. by   rags
    Did you hold another license prior to testing for your RN? Like for example an LPN? I would call your local BON and ask them. There may be a mistake with the date.

    Let us know!

  4. by   rags
    I was going to go and look and see what you see but silly me! I don't know your name!!!

    Still let us know what you find out though. Here is the number to your states Board of Nurse Examiners, give them a call and ask. They will tell you... Office: (512) 305-7400

  5. by   Kristy_joyz
    no i do not have another lisence as a nurse but I do have one as a CNA. I hope Pearson did not make a mistake grading the test I still did not check the unofficial test results.
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  6. by   rags
    honey you passed! they listed you as a registared nurse in the state of texas with a license issue date of today!!!! the experation date is a different deal you can hash out with the texas bon later...

    celebrate now!!!

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    I have been calling that number for the Texas BNE but its busy. My dad got a phonecard allready and will start calling people out of the country to say that i passed. I thought I flunked because I stopped at 75 and i didn't even know some of the diseases mentioned or if they gave me a med i know the class but thats it and its select all that apply about the med. I did about 450 questions from the Saunders CD, read the HESI book I bought last semester, and read the notes i took on NCLEX 3500 while preparing for HESI.
  10. by   DolphinRN84
    Congratulations new nurse!