NCLEX quick results don't always...

  1. Take 48 hours! When i took the NCLEX-PN I was in agony and sure I had failed. When I arrived home I just checked the pearson website just in case and no results. Well 2 hours later, I had to recheck because all I was doing was pacing my home. I had my husband look it up cause I couldn't bare no I had failed. Well..... I passed and my results only took 2 hours from the time i took the test. I know the posts say do something else while waiting for the results but when your having that much anxiety what are you to do. So I say check for results often. :spin:
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  3. by   onduty23
    2 hours i am going to sue pearson vue cause the 48 hours i waited was pure hell
  4. by   RNismycalling
    Funny because at exactly 48 hrs post my test I checked, and checked and checked and my results were not posted. I put my poor hubby through hell. Anyway, after being frustrated, I gave up checking and 30 minutes later a friend called to tell me that she's seen my name on the BON website and that I had passed! Go figure...I asked her over and over if she was playing a sick joke on me and she assured me that my name was there...I checked for myself and sure enough, I was listed as an RN, with a license number. Needless to say, this saved me $7.95 that I would have paid pearson to check the quick results. My advice is to check your BON site first and you might be pleasantly surprise
  5. by   changeofpaceRN
    No kidding! I was harassing the website every hour on the hour to see if my results came in early.. my friend's came in after about 26 hrs.. mine came in around 40 hrs >:-( I was so relieved to see it!
  6. by   Luv4LPN
    I am going to sue as well I have been waitng since Thursday for my results and I got nothing yet.
  7. by   Luv4LPN
    I just took my nclex Rn on thursday and I realy am anxious I got all 265 questions and I am so sure I failed. I am so anxious to get my results. I tested in michigan and I am not sure how many people pass the RN at 265.
  8. by   SC2006
    That must be pure agony. Can't wait till i go through it. =)