NCLEX preparation....need advice...suggestions

  1. I am taking my nclex in 11 days and I have studied madly. I was a very good nursing student and feel I have a good grasp on what I need to know.
    My question is this: If I am getting anywhere from 60-85 % on all of my practice tests that are geared towards nclex, do you think I am prepared and have a good possibility of passing. I have taken ped's tests, mental health, med surg, community, maternity, pharmacology, all kinds and probably done somewhere in the vicinity of 3,000 questions so far. I always go back and review what I have missed and make sure I look up any topics that I feel weak in. I'm just nervous and need to know that the nclex prep questions are doing what they are suppose to be doing which is helping me see the question the way nclex wants me too. I did not take a prep course (too expensive) but I have two kaplan books, ATI (nclex prep course), Hogan books, ...made easy books, saunders, and ofcourse my drug reference book and take all sorts of free nclex exams that I find online. AM I prepared? Do you have any cheap suggestions or do you know of anything else, books or online I can possibly do to ensure my passing nclex. I'm probably obsessing, right? Thank you in advance.
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  3. by   roze
    hi! you seems you have all the resources in the world..I'm pretty sure you are well-prepared on your exam.Goodluck!
  4. by   Thecolorpurple
    The only way to pass NCLEX is to decrease as much anxiety as possible on the day of the exam. There is no special book to help you pass. They all say the same thing about every disease process. Just remember to stay calm.
  5. by   CrufflerJJ
    It sounds like you've done a great job of preparing for the test. Take some time off to RELAX, especially the day before your exam. Get a good night's sleep, eat something before taking your test, rub your lucky rabbit's foot, and sacrifice a chicken to :bowingpurChthulhu:bowingpur. You should be in good shape.:wink2:
  6. by   planetaxyz27
    I am not as good as you are and I am planning to take the course. I found several in my area:
    one is another Feuer review. Both are in the same price range, but I am afraid to take exam
    before the course.
  7. by   nurseme3
    I hope your test went well...
  8. by   nrsgnerd
    I took my test WED and will know at 9am tomorrow if i passed. It was the most difficult worded test i have ever taken and i didn't feel good after I was done. I got 75 questions which APPEARS to be a good sign but my guts are wrenched over it. Had 3 nightmares last night all ending with me failing the test and I have taken some benadryl to help me sleep tonight or I don't think that i will. All I can do is wait it out and keep breathing. I sincerely do not want to have to take this test again!!
  9. by   nurseme3
    I had nightmares as I waited too. Best of luck tomorrow when you check it.
  10. by   RN2009Belarus
    Hi! It seems to me that YOU ARE VERY PREPARED!!!! The time you spent for preparation will reward you!!!
    I wish you best !!!
    Use you knowledge and nursing judgment to answer the questions and try to get a good sleep before the exam day!!!:wink2:
  11. by   nrsgnerd
    I passed my boards! Thank you jesus!! I am soooo happy and relieved! Maybe i can sleep now!! Woooo hoooo!!
  12. by   caliotter3
  13. by   nrsgnerd
    Thank you, thank you very much!! I'm still elated with joy!!
  14. by   NewAggieGrad09
    Congrats for passing!! I am currently studying for mine. I took a Hurst review course that my school made us take. I am so nervous and anxious as well! I did phenomenal in school, but NCLEX scares me, esp since I still don't have my ATT yet, and therefore have no clue when I am taking it. There is a big hold up with the state board I am getting my license with, and they are not making the process go any smoother