NCLEX-PN results in California, can you check on the web??

  1. Tomorrow will be 1 week since I tested. I am having such a hard time relaxing about it. So far, 5 of us from my school have tested and we ALL stopped at 85 questions. ALL OF US. two of us who stopped at 85 graduated with honors (Me and another girl).

    Anyways a few of us keep in touch through a website and one of them posted that after 5 business days you can go to the BVNPT webiste and look yourself up under license verification to see if anything shows. Is this true??? Now I wish I hadn;t read that because if I go there and look and my name won't pop up then I will assume the worst, but at the same time, what if I can look and my name DOES pop up? I don;t see how it can show up because we'd have to be listed as active or something and don't we have to pay another fee before we can even get our license once we pass the test?

    Any tips on NOT stressing out? I know we all want this in the worst way, it just seems like time is standing still for me right now and it feels like yesterday that I took the test. I have been working 5 days a week at my CNA job (2 hospitals, 12 hour shifts) but it;s not helping me not think about it because when I am there I just keep thinking, I COULD be doing this or that! LOL!

    Maybe I should have taken an LOA for a while. People who know I took boards keep asking if I know yet too and that;s making it worse.
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  3. by   augigi
    Did it work for the others? If so, you may as well look. Whether or not it comes up can't change the exam now, so why not put yourself out of the misery of suspense?!
  4. by   g_race
    Is it PN? or PHN? you may check it on this site:

    License Holders :

    it says there that the site is updated daily M-F... :-) just check your name... good luck and God bless...