all 205 questions. ???

  1. So does this mean I likely failed it? The first 100 questions were a horrible experience. I was so sleep deprived that my eyes kept closing on me and I couldn't concentrate on a single question. Am I screwed?
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  3. by   silentromie
    Don't give up yet, you could either passed it or failed it. It doesn't matter how many questions you got. Keep your fingers crossed! Goodluck!
  4. by   sjbrian
    Thanks. So I have to ask everyone this question.....have you, or someone you know, gotten asked all 205 questions on the NCLEX-PN before? If so, did they pass or fail? Your responses are much appreciated.
  5. by   tinamexdoll
    Hello, I just took the exam 0n 03/27/07 and I also got 205. I called the board and they said my results will be mailed out on 04/20/07 I got a multiple of variety questions. this has been a hectic three weeks. good luck to all
  6. by   BmtTXLVN
    i have 3 friends that got 205 all 3 passed, so dont worry
  7. by   sjbrian
    Well, I mentioned already that I got all 205 questions and found out I passed today. Good luck to you all.
  8. by   jenaj0o
    I took my Nclex pn exam on 9/13 and I too got 205 question's...GESSS I feel upset not knowing if I pass or fail.. All I kept thinking about was my classmate who took it before I did and he got 205 question and failed... Thinking about him even mad me sick to my stomach....
    People are telling me that I can call this number ( i don't know what it is0 and get a result within 2 days.. But I don't know if I want to do that, what if they tell me I failed.. OMG I would'nt know what to do. Anywho... GOOD LucK TO YOU...

    God Bless!
  9. by   Kristann27
    Taking NCLEX-PN
  10. by   Kristann27
    Hi everyone, new to this. Im taking my NCLEX-PN in two weeks. i have studied and studied and feel 90% confident, now im reading all about the suzannes plan and am wondering if i have done the right thing by following saunders and kaplan? Any positve or negative feedback on this? thanks..
  11. by   gwafuh_rn
    goodluck..i took the nclex pn last june 16 and im waiting for the result..
  12. by   bbycee
    Hello! I just want to share my experience. I took my exam last Sept. 29, 2008 together with my classmate (Like most of my classmates, she got 85 qs only). I had 205 questions.. believe me or not, I don't know anything about the exam. I studied right after the graduation because our mock board exam said that I would fail it. after taking the test, we were at the parking lot and crying. We actually ate at a buffet right after. I was really convinced that I failed and planning to take it again. But GOD IS GOOD ALL THE TIME! Today I got my letter, jump off my bed when my dad hand it to me. hahaha. I Passed my exam!

    Good luck, just trust God & believe in yourself!:typing
  13. by   bwaters21
    Congratulations on passing the exam, may you continue to excel in the Nursing field.

    I took my PN test Friday and the comp stop at quest 85 but I don't know what happen because I was dazed and confused like if the questions were of a foreign language. I cried all the way home and am still crying a day later. I honestly feel horrible about the test and KNOW I failed. Nevertheless, I know what horror to expect if I have to take it again.
  14. by   bbycee
    wow! but stay positive. 85% of those who takes the test pass at first time! congratulations in advance!