NCLEX Kaplan Practice Scores

  1. Hi Everyone, I was just curious as to what, how everyone else was doing in their kaplan, saunders or whichever nclex practice scores and uh the result of your nclex exam. Most of the posts I found were ah a few years old. Also good luck everyone who has still to take the exam. Please share or comment on the following:

    - Kaplan QT 1-7 scores
    - Kaplan Qbank average
    - Kaplan Diagnostic Test
    - Kaplan Readiness Test
    - Total practice questions completed
    - How long did you prepare
    - Questions per day
    - Books used
    - iPhone Apps
    - NCLEX result and number of questions asked of you.
    - Comments / Suggestions

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  2. Poll: What Test Prep did you use?

    • Kaplan (Review Class)

      56.95% 291
    • Kaplan (QBank Only)

      41.49% 212
    • NSCBN (Online Review Bank)

      13.70% 70
    • Hurst Review

      19.96% 102
    • Fuer Review

      3.52% 18
    • Saunders BOOK

      42.47% 217
    • Kaplan BOOK

      37.57% 192
    • Mosby BOOK

      4.70% 24
    • NCLEX Software

      11.35% 58
    • Iphone Apps (Nclex practice)

      19.57% 100
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  4. by   Inori
    Here's my info on what i did to prepare for NCLEX.. and will update with my results as soon as I take exam. uhm just about freaking out here but every day i looked up allnurses here for peoples scores so was curious on the most recent numbers. Anyways please feel free to add your info or comment.-Inori

    - Kaplan QT 1-7 scores:
    : 77, QT2: 68, QT3: 68, QT4: 66, QT5: 67, QT6: 74, QT7: 65
    - Kaplan Qbank average: 62% (finished all)
    - Kaplan Diagnostic Test: 58%
    - Kaplan Readiness Test: 64%
    - Total practice questions completed: 8155
    - How long did you prepare: 2.5 months
    - Questions per day: 100-150
    - Books: I used 2 books: Saunders Comprehensive Review 5e for content and Kaplan 2011-12 for test taking strategies.
    - iPhone Apps: Mosby, Saunders, Lippencott and CF Study Planner
    - NCLEX result and # of Ques: I haven't taken it yet

    -Comments: Its normal to have your scores drop a bit after QT1 as the exam is designed to ask questions from the higher end of learning (application and analysis). So if you're keeping your scores around the same that means you're improving. Always read the rationale and understand why you got something wrong are you missing the content knowledge or didn't read question properly. Try to score around 60% for QT6 and 7.

    Scoring only count the 1st score if you're retaking the same practice exam a few times otherwise you'll get a false high and think you know something you don't. I have a knack for picking out the right answer from any question I've seen before so to get a true estimate I'd only take each exam once.
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  5. by   vianey83
    Hi! I took the NCLEX-RN on 4/14/12 and Passed with 75 questions! I had 21 SATA few meds and prioritization. It took me about 2 hours to finish. I really thought I failed I found the SATA very difficult and really thought I didn't pass. An hour later after taking the exam I tried the PVT and got the good "pop-up". On Saturday I paid pearsonvue for quick results and found out I did pass!!!

    This is how I studied. I also used Kaplan on demand. Your scores are very good you're ready to take the exam based on your scores!

    These are my scores they are kinda low: Diagnostic :57% QT1 44, Qt2: 51 Qt3: 46 Qt4: 55 Qt5: 55 Qt6: 57 Qt 58. Readiness: 63% I finished 100% Qbank with 60% avg.
    I read every rationale for every question and If it was content I wasn't too familiar with I used my Saunders book and went over it.
    I practice question everyday anywhere from 50-150 per day.
    I also did question from Saunders and used a book by Lacherity (delegation, prioritizing ect)
    The total number of questions 3,300!

    I really think you are ready and you will pass the test!
  6. by   Inori
    Thanks for vote of confidence. and Congratz on passing!
  7. by   MaleNurseIL
    Inori dont waste time. Go ahead and take your exam, you look prepared to me. I did Kaplan too and around same scores I passed with 75.
  8. by   Enthused RN
    Wow Inori ... I'm not taking my NCLEX anytime soon but I've been reading these threads for a while now. 8,000 questions ... and you're averaging over 60%?! Girl, I think it's time to make it official. Go take the test; I'm betting that you're going to rock it.
  9. by   Ethanphil

    Review Start: March 31, 2012
    NCLEX exam: May 3, 2012
    Books: Saunders, Lacharity
    Kaplan QT 1-6 scores
    : I-64,II-69,III-60,IV-57,V-61,VI-61. T7 reserve im going to take it before or around 3 days before my exam.
    Saunders 5e cd: Total 1100 exam, 100-150/day, exact average:69.7%
    Lacharity PDA Scores: 55-60%

    What do you think guys about my performance
  10. by   Inori
    @Ethanphil - Your results look solid. Kaplan suggests that in QT 6 and 7 above 60 is good means you have a high chance of passing nclex. Since you have 2 weeks before exam solidify your weak areas then take the mandatory yes 2 day of no studying, its rest relax and uh try to have fun. GOtta recharge the brain before big test. Maybe this might help I found this kaplan score table way back.

    84 99.90%
    83 99.90%
    82 99.90%
    81 99.90%
    80 99.90%
    79 99.80%
    78 99.70%
    77 99.70%
    76 99.60%
    75 99.50%
    74 99.40%
    73 99.30%
    72 99.10%
    71 98.90%
    70 98.60%
    69 98.30%
    68 97.90%
    67 97.40%
    66 96.80%
    65 96.10%
    64 95.2%
    63 94.1%
    62 92.8%
    61 91.3%
    60 89.4%
    59 87.2%
    58 84.6%
    57 81.70%
    56 78.20%
    55 74.40%
    54 70.10%
    53 65.40%
    52 60.40%
    51 55.20%
    50 49.90%
    49 44.50%
    48 39.30%
    47 34.40%
    46 29.70%
    45 25.40%
  11. by   aishaj10
    Hi guys...

    Good luck to all.

    My exam is this saturday 4-21.... So far my progress is:

    Diagnostic test--- 61
    Readiness test--- 66
    Q Trainer 1------ 60
    Q Trainer 2------ 65
    Q Trainer 3------ 55
    Q Trainer 4------ 58
    Q Trainer 5------62
    Q Trainer 6------60
    Q Trainer 7------60

    I've done 60% of the Q bank & my score is 60.
    I plan to complete the Q bank before friday.

    Im also doing the PDA book (almost done with 4 more chapters to go) & review the study guide.

    Geting nervous...
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  12. by   Despareux
    I thought the readiness test was, by far, the most difficult. My readiness score was 69% and my diagnostic was 62%. QB3 was my lowest score at 58%; everything else ranged from 62% to 69%.

    After graduation, whenever I did decide to practice, my Kaplan scores began to drop because I simply got lazy.

    Now that my NCLEX is in less than two weeks, I've been practicing my questions from Kaplan and Saunders daily and my scores have increased significantly.

    Practice, practice, practice...and good luck!
  13. by   Inori
    @aishaj10 - good luck!! you can do it your practice scores look good. yep yep anything 60 and higher you've very good chance of passing! Make sure to take some time off like 1-2 days to recharge brain.
  14. by   aishaj10
    @Inori Thanks....I intend to do just that
  15. by   Inori
    UPDATE: I passed nclex had 75 questions and a ton of SATA 23-25 precisely, 3 math calc, drugs i never heard of, infection control, PPE, cardiac, child devel etc etc took 4/16/12! results erm exactly 48 hrs later today.