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Hi Everyone, I was just curious as to what, how everyone else was doing in their kaplan, saunders or whichever nclex practice scores and uh the result of your nclex exam. Most of the posts I found... Read More

  1. by   itssunset
    Hello Everyone, I've read that most of you avail the kaplan Qbank that cost $299. My great hacker classmate from the review center gave me a copy of Kaplan Question Trainer 1-7 back in year 2008. I was thinking if it's the same with the Kaplan Qbank.

    Can anyone here tell me what to expect on Kaplan Qbank? Is it consist of different type of questions like sata, drag and drop etc. Please tell me more about it. This is not gonna be my first time to take NCLEX and I just want to make sure that I get the updated review materials. I already threw away some of my review books which I find unhelpful.

    Thanks Alot!!
  2. by   Inori
    I'd suggest you invest in a kaplan in classroom/online review course especially if you're already thinking to take the NCLEX a few times which by the way they guarantee that you pass or you can retake the course free. It breaks out to the same moneywise take Nclex 2x = $680 Kaplan is $499

    Personally I don't take unnecessary risks. Now the thing about using 2008 stuff is that some drugs have changed, the NCLEX questions itself also is different now vs from 4 years ago. My experience with kaplan was that the actual nclex exam was very similar to my practice questions in some cases easier.

    Good luck. also free resource google: kaplan slideshare
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  3. by   angelmax
    Hii inori , here are my scores in kaplan ; QT1-80 ,QT2-73 , QT3- 57 , QT4- 59 , QT5-68, QT6-62 , QT7-74 . DIAGNOSTIC-56 . READINESS TOOK IT YESTERDAY -75 . WHAT DO YOU THINK ?? . Exam next week ...
  4. by   Inori
    @angelmax looks good - good luck and keep studying! yep anything thats 60-65% or more is good and means ready. YA i think key was to use all of the kaplan resources qbank, qtrainers, video etc good luck you can do it
  5. by   JustinAllen
    Just started this week on the Kaplan RN Test. So far I have only completed 3 tests, the diagnostic (59.44%), QT1 (57.33%) and QT2 (another 57.33%). Going to take the QT3 later today. I guess the plan says to start reviewing topics and sections after QT3.

    At this time however I have no idea where I stand in relation to possible NCLEX outcomes. Is it too early to tell? My "gut" says a horrible failure is about to happen to me ...but that could just be nerves as well.
  6. by   JustinAllen
    Opps...should have waited an extra day and not taken 2 tests in the same day. Scored a 47% on the QT3 test.

    Next up, section review.
  7. by   Inori
    @justineallen - your scores are borderline so keep on studying you want to bring your average up yo 60-65% especiallly qt6, qt7 and readiness test. Pay attention to what you got wrong and why. If is knowledge deficit then hit em Saunders if is testing skills go Kaplan. Repost your scores QT1-7 when you're done. Nursing process at work you can do it!! Good luck!
  8. by   *4!#6
    My Diagnostic Exam was score was 73% for Kaplan. Trainer's 1-3 between 61-63%. This is only partway into my study plan what do you think?
  9. by   Inori
    @sagremus - looks good so far keep the scores up, try to keep the scores up for qbanks, quizzes and especially QT6+QT7 aim for a 60% minimum. see post #7 there's a post on score estimate and pass prediction. Good luck!!
  10. by   Biggie1
    Hi everyone! I took my nclex two weeks ago and I passed!...I would say the exam was easy/difficult. The exam started out with difficulty for me which I felt was a good sign because the questions became harder to answer, but at times it was easier, there was quite a mix of questions- which means the CAT probably couldn't figure me out on my weakness I'm assuming. The best thing to do is try your very best on the first 20 questions without becoming lazy! The first 20 questions directs your ability and allows the CAT to determine exactly what or what isn't your weakness....I've been out of university for about 3 years. So taking the exam was totally nuts for readiness score was really good- 63.84%...but my qbanks varied a lot ranging from 48-65% and I even got to 30 something percents! What I would suggest is FORGET all of those other books and just make sure you do all of the qbank and trainers contained within Kaplan. You will take the nclex as if it's another trainer or qbank questions because it's way similar but just easier in style. Hence, Kaplan does definitely prepare you by intensifying the questions they provide you with. ...another tip which really helped me, go over the entire Kaplan video for pharm if it's your weakness and type up some notes, mine ended up being like 20 pages for pharm but I barely had time to review the pharm notes before the test but the notes stuck out in my head somewhat due to the videos. I had many pharm questions and lots of those SATA questions. My first one started out with SATA, fml!!! But just stay focused, relax, take a break def. between it, and keep going. Mine turned off at 105 questions and I thought I failed, lol, but I received a letter from MA two days later saying congratulations...yay, message with any questions, I'm here to help!
  11. by   Biggie1
    Don't overwhelm yourself by taking too many tests in one day, only do max 150 questions except for on trainers 6 and 7... I was getting the same type of scores, but like Inori has advised you down below this post, re-read every question you got right and wrong no matter what and as annoying as it is, go through each answer and ask yourself why did I pick that...and if you picked it because you didn't have a clue, go back to your nice reference books and review...what I did after every trainer or qbank is type up a list of everything I got wrong or somehow got right but didn't have knowledge on and then spent he rest of the day reviewing. Never delay the going back to your references part for more than a day!
  12. by   *4!#6
    Readiness exam score: 77%
    QT4: 71%
    QT5: 75%

    I am doing really well on these exams, but my Qbank scores (50 questions each) range from 62%-74%, and I even got a 58% once. Is this normal? One of the things I am thinking is that I don't test well distracted. I took Readiness and QT 4 & 5 at the library, however have been doing Qbanks at home where I am interrupted by noisy neighbors, pets, and my boyfriend.
  13. by   Biggie1
    Sagremus: your qbank scores are very good. Some will say the 58% is bad but I received all sorts of scores ranging from high to low and vice could have been a very difficult batch of questions. Still and all, o through each questions with every answer choice and see where you went wrong. Buy the Saunders 5th edition review book. I didn't have much time to look at it but it's very helpful and you can absorb info in minutes with it......