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  1. JustinAllen

    How long was your orientation

    As a new grad mine was 6 months and they also put us through the ENA Emergency Room Orientation program. This is at a level 1 teaching hospital.
  2. JustinAllen


    "Which one pays more and works less?" If this made it to your priority list of questions to ask about which one of these two positions were better perhaps you should step back and rethink what's important to you in nursing.
  3. JessicaKay, My apologies for sounding harsh with my answer. I just feel that it would really be a disservice to you, and your new workmates to accept a position without disclosing the fact that you are pregnant. I am also a new grad and am excited to begin my job in a week...I worked long and hard to get to this position, however if I feel that I could not pull my weight 110%, especially as a new grad, then I would not have accepted that position. Like others, I also feel that you should go to the interview and talk with the hiring manager about being pregnant...at the worst it's great experience, and at the best you have an opportunity to stay in contact with the manager if you do not get the position right away. Congratulations and good luck....keep us updated.
  4. Not to be rude but I am concerned that your school did not teach you how to use your critical thinking skills. What type of degree did you just get? Pursuing this position would be a complete waste of everyone's time. Do you really want to start a new job in an oncology unit, where one of the main functions of your job is to administer chemo medications, by telling everyone "Hey, thanks for the new job but everyone on the floor is going to have to cover for me for the first 9 months because I cannot do my job. Thanks all for making my dream come true". Seriously?
  5. JustinAllen

    NCLEX in 1 week, frustrated with Kaplan scores...

    Based on my very recent experience (2 days ago) your scores are fine. Look at the end of this thread for my posting. https://allnurses.com/nclex-discussion-forum/nclex-kaplan-practice-697842.html
  6. JustinAllen

    NCLEX Kaplan Practice Scores

    I took the NCLEX on Tuesday and just paid $7.95 for my "unofficial" results. Both these results and the "pop-up" trick indicate that I PASSED! Our school used ATI however it was never really utilized well, and they also provided the 3 day NCLEX prep. ATI has an awesome book that comes with that course that summarizes 2 years of course material and made for a great study guide. I also purchased the Kaplan at-home program, without the live version. I watched every video, and every video Q & A session. I wanted to add in my Kaplan scores to this discussion to show everyone that even with bad scores, you can pass the NCLEX. My test cut off at 75 questions and I had 12 SATA's. And like so many of you, I was 100% positive that I had failed this test...there was no doubt in my mind about that fact...looking for the pop-up was the hardest thing I had to do. My scores were (in order that I took them): Diagnostic: 59.44 Test 1: 57.33 Test 2: 57.33 Test 3: 47.00 (Took test 2 & 3 back to back...bad move) Readiness: 55.00 Test 4: 52.00 Test 5: 51.33 Sample Test 1: 56.00 (this is located under the Q-Bank area, 50 questions) Test 6: 60.5 Sample Test 2: 50.00 Test 7: 59.62 Sample Test 3: 70.00 (this is 30 delegation questions) I did not have any time for more Q-Bank questions. I studied 5-8 hours every day, 7 days a week for 27 days. I hope that these scores show everyone that while the Kaplan scores are an indication of pass/fail...they are just that...an indication! The test is up to you.
  7. JustinAllen

    Can you walk into the NCLEX-RN exam with gum in your mouth?

    Hmm...what about wallets?
  8. JustinAllen

    Kaplan Readiness test results...

    To the OP...how were the rest of your scores, and have you taken the NCLEX yet?
  9. JustinAllen

    Fall 2012 Graduate School roll call !!!!

    1. University of Colorado 2. MSN Nursing Informatics 3. Working full time 4. School full time 5. Would have loved a longer break between degrees, but excited!
  10. JustinAllen

    NCLEX Advise!

    What were your scores on Kaplan? And did you take the course, or just the book?
  11. From what I was told they look at the last 60 questions and you cannot miss one of them. That's a tough way to have to pass.
  12. JustinAllen

    NCLEX Kaplan Practice Scores

    Opps...should have waited an extra day and not taken 2 tests in the same day. Scored a 47% on the QT3 test. Next up, section review.
  13. JustinAllen

    NCLEX Kaplan Practice Scores

    Just started this week on the Kaplan RN Test. So far I have only completed 3 tests, the diagnostic (59.44%), QT1 (57.33%) and QT2 (another 57.33%). Going to take the QT3 later today. I guess the plan says to start reviewing topics and sections after QT3. At this time however I have no idea where I stand in relation to possible NCLEX outcomes. Is it too early to tell? My "gut" says a horrible failure is about to happen to me :) ...but that could just be nerves as well.
  14. JustinAllen

    School Rankings for Informatics

    I actually have 20 plus years in business at the executive level with extensive experience in process development, software development, and hardware development, as well as capital management, ect. I am a new grad BSN student now (sold last company (tech company) and could not work in industry for 5 years) and believe that, in some respects, the cart is pulling the pony in regards to the process interaction between the nursing process, daily activities and the current development of the EMR software. I am also interested in new technology and a few of the obvious things about nursing informatics. I'll graduate with a BSN, a minor in healthcare management and a finance minor. I could get an MBA in a year...but that would not really help me out much in terms of experience vs degree honestly. Obviously I don't know what I don't know which is the main reason I am going forward with a Masters degree. ANd, back to the previous question, looking at both Duke and CU to obtain that.
  15. JustinAllen

    School Rankings for Informatics

    Angela, Excellent post and I thank you for the time you took to write it. I had seen those rankings, as well as one by the same source ranking on-line programs...and informatics just didn't have it's own category. It is interesting that you mention Duke's program as they are one of two on my short list. The other is the University of Colorado's nursing informatics program. Both programs have different approaches and both programs emphasize different areas of the nursing informatics spectrum. Try as I might I cannot find anything directly comparing the two of them together. Do you have any insight as to which one will prepare me better. And to help you out, let's say that I am looking for a CNIO position within 5-7 years. (Which I also know depends on many other factors, but let's try to be simple here:) ) ADDED: The difference in tuition is about $500.00 per credit hour or approx $20,000
  16. JustinAllen

    School Rankings for Informatics

    Well actually my criteria doesn't matter that much :) We all know that some schools are better than others, and while I absolutely agree that you get out what you put into anything...there is a difference between a top-ranked school and one that has not yet become top-ranked.