Nclex is easier than you think if...

  1. *Quick Background: I graduated in 11/2012 as a Registered nurse in my country, Nigeria. Worked in the hospital for a while and then, started working with a Pharm. company as a sales rep.
    *Left my job for the UK in 09/2015 for my degree, graduated in 08/2016 with a BSN. Worked a lil' in Ireland as a nurse and decided to come to the states 02/2017.
    *Started processing my documents to get d ATT w/c took ages but, I didn't let that distract me. Coming from a different background, I heard and read many stories about how hard the Nclex was but, I kept my cool...cos I've thru' many storms and I told myself, I got this.
    *Nclex Preparation: I bought the Hesi Review for the Nclex-RN;edition 5, PDA by La-Charity, U-world subscription. (I read the books like twice)
    *Started using the U-world(I was getting a headache like every, I finished the whole q-bank, went thru the whole rationales and later re-did the ones I failed.
    *I took only one of the tests and was on 65%(80th percentile and high chances of passing).
    *Exam day(08/10): I slept around 4am cos I couldn't just sleep(am always a late sleeper tho'). When I was up like after 3hrs, I just stayed in bed for sometime then, prepped and said a lil' prayer and left the house.
    *(2PM exam) I was there 1:35pm checked in after like 20mins. Well, when I was about to begin, I still called on God to get my back. I started the exam and took my time on each question (though, my target was b/w #75 - #85 questions). Around #60+, the screen for break popped up, I clicked on the No-option and kept going, on #70 I started counting down and bang! #75..the screen said I was done and gave me the research quiz...that was when I took my break. Came back and just clicked away..(lol) on dem questions.
    *When I was done: I was checked out. As I was walking home, I started thinking what if I had just failed? But, I said nope! I can't be that bad to fail in #75. B/W I was so calm. I did the PVT like 2hrs after, got the 'good pop', did it severally- was still same. Checked my name on BON-Nothing! Never panicked, till tonight (Fri, 08/11), did the PVT-still same, checked the BON page-there my license number stood staring at I just started singing praises to God, cos he never fails.
    Observation: Nclex was quite easy to me compared with U-world. Thanks if you read my long, ask me questions I would be very happy to help sm1 out but, above all have a winner's mentality, you are your only way to success! ~peaceout!
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  3. by   omotee
    Hey,am equally a Nigerian trained nurse preparing for nclex too.congrats and thanks for making us proud
  4. by   hopetopassnclex
    Congratulations my sister.
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  5. by   hopetopassnclex
    Congratulations my sister. I am a nigerian trained nurse too. I am now preparing to writ the nclex here in Canada. I am so happy to hear you made it and it wasn't so hard for you. Please what type of questions did you get like sata, labs etc. And please which materials did you think helped you the most? Do you think UWORLD is close to what you saw in the nclex?And how long did you study for this exam? Any input will be appreciated. Good luck in your search for a Job.
  6. by   Immigrantnurse
    Urwc...we can do all thnz thru Him ✌️
  7. by   Immigrantnurse
    *I am a man, my sister ������. I got dwn to studying early June when I actually submitted all my docs for review at IERF. I got almost sata all thru' but I was too busy to pass my exam than counting the type of questions that were coming up. Got few labs, Obs, prioritization, ekg strip #1, wound, orthopaedics...I mean it was all over the place. B/w I would say that u-world helped me know things I didn't knw bfor but, similarity not really cos the exam seemed quite basic and easier to me compared wit uworld, didn't know if it was just me or the test but was way easier than stories I heard and read. Basic things yep, basics! ������ I wish u success
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  8. by   hopetopassnclex
    Sorry my brother, i thought your are lady, i assumed which is wrong. Anyway thanks a lot for your response. Best of luck in the nursing profession.
  9. by   Immigrantnurse
    No worries, you can let me help if you feel you got some questions on the exam...I would alwys be there✌️
  10. by   hopetopassnclex
    Please can you email me some of your materials . My email is Thanks
  11. by   Ackeem
    Yeah UWorld makes it seem like a joke
  12. by   Immigrantnurse
    Lol...I guess u prepared real crazy and got disappointed Wen u saw a lesser challenge , honestly I felt like dat. It actually made it like a joke .
  13. by   omotee
    Hey kindly share your notes with me at
  14. by   Immigrantnurse
    Cud u be more specific abt ur request please. Cos I added the materials I used in d writeup. U can reach me also via Wud be glad to help in anyway I cud. Cheers.