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I am taking nclex for 3X Oct 19 0800 and used Suzanne plan only exactly, so now two off days and I will be the next living testimony for others in my situation. I know GOD will see me through at... Read More

  1. by   TxPonyChic
    Jeez a massage sounds so good right now.
    Matilda soon2b RN! You will do it girl, I just know this! Praying for you and keeping the faith that you will pass. Found out I passed this morning on 2nd try, 76 questions this time versus 265 first time! God was with me and he is with you too!
    God Bless You and Good Luck! :icon_hug:

    Erin RN (sounds so good!)
  2. by   tflorn
    Hey girlie, just figured I would log on today to let you know that you are in my prayers. You have been an inspiration to me and I know so may others. Hopefully, before you go in tomorrow morning you look at t his site and see how many of us are supporting you. We are here for you no matter what! In JESUS's name, I pray that you leave that test confident that you have accomplished your goal. Relax yourself. Take some deep breaths and whatever you do ....donot rush. Take your time and think about what you have learned. I finally scheduled for NOV 6. You can do this. Studying went good for you so lets make it work. God did not put fear into us. You will conquer this test. I have faith in you no matter what.
  3. by   ergito2
    God bless you, Matilda, you can do it. You have been a big inspiration for me and I am looking forward to your good news.
    Tflorn: You are in my prayer, and Nov 6 you will come out with a big YES and RN after your name. I am thinking to take it on Nov 15, haven't scheduled it.
  4. by   tflorn
    Thank you darling and you will be in my prayers as well. I accept what u have written in the name of Jesus. Go ahead and schedule for the 15th if u are ready. We are gonna make it this time.
  5. by   sunshine500
    Good Luck!!! I will keep you in my prayers. Thanks for your encouraging words. You can do it!!!!
  6. by   sunshine500
    Good Luck!!! I will keep you in my prayers. Thanks for the wonderful words. You can do it!!!!
  7. by   sunshine500
    Good Luck!!! You can do it!!!!
  8. by   sunshine500
    Good Luck!!!
  9. by   nyunrse2b
    There is someone watching over us, all we have to do is do our best and he will take care of the rest..Go and conquer that goliath matilda. We know you will..My prayers are always with you..You have given me encouragement when i needed it.The least i could do is say a word prayer in ur behalf.Let god me with you.
  10. by   cash
    Good luck to all Matilda you will do it. I am taking my test on Oct 24the for the 3rd time as well. I will be praying for you and good luck. Just remember we can do all things through Christ.
  11. by   mauloa
    Matilda, it's your turn now. We had already done our part this morning. I wish you all the best and I'll pray for your success. I know you can do it, RN!!
  12. by   wizard100
    i am praying for you now. my best wishes and luck to you.
  13. by   Sabby_NC
    Hi Matilda

    How did your exam go for you today? Hoping it was not too strenuous on you.

    We all have raging mixed emotions on leaving. When that screen turns off the heart usually flies.

    Hang in there you have done it.

    Try to do some relaxing things to wait out the time in hearing your results.