NCLEX exams.... please HELP

  1. Any tips on how to pass the nclex exams? i failed once & now i've lost my confidence since. Ive been working as a registered nurse both in Asia & Europe. But when i failed the nclex last year my world stop & i felt so useless...... i need your help & advice.
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  3. by   Mizz_Nurse
    I haven't taken the exam yet, but please do not view yourself as a failure. You can always try again. Have some confidence in yourself. You'll only fail again if you keep thinking that you will. That will cause you to not study as much or be as determined. You will pass the exam next time! Keep thinking that. Think it, feel it, then make it happen.
  4. by   whirlwind
    stay positive and dont loose hope..
    try differnt strategies and practice more questions...
    i'm with suzannes plan and it gives me better undrstanding since im foreign based...u could use it...
  5. by   khirbz
    Just stay focused and learn the concepts one day at a time. I know you can do it. Godbless my friend.
  6. by   pacifica falayfay
    me too, i failed the 1st time, but when i decided to take the 2nd shot, i studied and prayed harder. it works coz i just received my result and i passed. try kaplan 2007 and read the test taking strategy 2-3 times and understand it because this book helped me in passing my nclex. good luck to you and keep the faith.