My NCLEX experience!! :)

  1. Hi everyone. I just wanted to share my NCLEX experience with you all. I was given this website a few weeks ago by one of my friends and I have been reading a lot of the threads, some comments encouraged me and some discouraged me but I was waiting to take my NCLEX and see how I do and then write my experience. So I graduated May 2011 and my NCLEX exam was scheduled for July 25th (yesterday). I have been studying really hard for about a month. I did all the Kaplan qbanks and qtrainers (didn't do too well, was always in the high 50's-low 60's) and when I still had a week left till exam but no more kaplan questions, i ordered NCLEX 4000. So those are the 2 sources I used to study. And i didn't study much content. The way I study is by doing practice questions and for reference I looked up my notes from school (because i just understand more by looking at my own notes). As the weeks went by and my exam date got closer, i started feeling so extremely nervous. Especially, last week (week before my exam) i would basically cry every night, because just the thought of that very day would scare me. Then I went to church on Sunday ( my exam was the next day, Monday) and everyone prayed for me and I just felt a lot more confident. So I woke up on Monday at 5:30am, i prayed, got ready and right when i was about to leave, my dad came to me and he had the biggest cheese on his face, he hugged me and said "don't worry, i have a feeling that u will be finished with the test quick and you will pass" -thank you daddy, i really needed that boost. After that, to my surprise, I wasn't feeling nervous at all. I started my exam at 8am and the computer screen went off at 9:30am, i took 90 questions. I felt kinda good leaving the exam because I remembered the level of questions (knowledge, comprehension, analysis, application) and throughout the exam i just kept that in mind. The first few questions were knowledge questions and then around question # 50, i started seeing priority questions (who do u access first..) and i knew those were application questions so i felt kinda good knowing that i was doing okay because i had reached the application level. I came home and the first thing i did was go on the pearson vue website and try the trick and i got the GOOD POP UP!!!! I literally started crying!! i couldn't believe it. But i am waiting until tomorrow to see my actual results and then i will be able to breathe and know its for real!!!
    So i had about 10 Select All, 1 med-math, 2 exhibits, 1 'put in order' and a ton of priority questions. Actually, it wasn't as hard as I imagined it to be. I thought Kaplan was harder, but i'm glad it was because i thought that prepared me alot. The knowledge level questions were not so bad, it only got hard towards to middle-end (priority questions) when all the choices started making sense.

    I wanted to say a BIG THANK YOU to all the threads, the mnemonics , the tricks, the words of encouragement! Especially thank you for that study-guide, i just read that like 2 days before my exam, and i felt that was so helpful. I will keep u guys posted about what happens tomorrow but I have a hope and a good feeling that God is with me!
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  3. by   lavender59
    May I know what specific study guide did you use? Thank you
  4. by   Seraph928
    thank you .....its not letting me copy the file but here's the thread where they mention the study guide...go down and you'll see a comment where it says "25855834-Nclex-Study-Guide.pdf"

    found this very helpful!...hope it helps u as well
  5. by   lavender59
    I had looked at that a couple of weeks ago. I agree that it is a good one. Good luck!
  6. by   Angelrina,CCRN
    I also took the exam yesterday and had an experience similar to yours. I also used Kaplan and felt that it was harder than the actual NCLEX. I felt Kaplan prepared me well. I also got the good pop-up!!! Tomorrow, we will know for sure!!! Best of luck to you!!!!!
  7. by   Seraph928
    aw thank you and good luck to you tooo... xxfingers crossedxx tomorrow's the big day! ahhh
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  9. by   ERvik
    Thanks for the info. I graduate in December and am nervous about NCLEX already. Best of luck to all!
  10. by   Seraph928
    Thank you all....I PASSEDDDDD!!!!! ))))
  11. by   Ericad85
    CONGRATS !!!!! I am sooo nervous to take mine I go next Wed I have been doing questions over and over studying about 3 hours a day taking weekends off to relax my brain...I hope this is sufficient enough!!!! My friend just took it was studying 5-6 hours evryday and she said almost half of her test was stuff she had not even focused on when studying like random dietary questions and stuff she has never heard of I am SO SCARED :/ CONGRATS TO YOU!!!!
  12. by   xbea102
    O M G. So, I started reading this post. And I thought, omg this girl sounds REALLY familiar.. then I checked the username hahaha. I love youuuu <3. I'm SO happy and proud you passed!!!
  13. by   nclexRNtaker
    Congratulations, RN

    I like reading stories like this as it gives the others hope that they can pass too! Now go be a nurse
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