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  1. Angelrina,CCRN

    I passed with 265 questions

    What a blessing! Congratulations! God is Faithful!
  2. Angelrina,CCRN

    How many schools did you apply to?

    Most people apply between 2-5. I've never heard of someone applying to 10 schools but if 10 schools interest you, go for it. I intended to apply to about 4 but applied to my first choice first and was lucky enough to get in.
  3. Angelrina,CCRN

    Best study habits of a successful SRNA

    That is extremely helpful. Thank you so much!
  4. Angelrina,CCRN

    Best study habits of a successful SRNA

    Hi I just began CRNA school and I'm having some difficulty getting into the groove of studying. Any advice on your best study practices would be truly appreciated. How did you find time to read all the material? How did you prepare for exams? Anything you're willing to share would be very helpful. Thank You
  5. Angelrina,CCRN

    Current or former UNC Charlotte students

    Feel free to message me any specific questions
  6. Angelrina,CCRN

    CCRN Exam Scheduled!

    Fantastic!! Congratulations!!!!!
  7. Angelrina,CCRN

    UNE Summer 2014 Start

    That's awesome!! Congratulations!!!
  8. Angelrina,CCRN

    Are swan-ganz (PAC) still around in your area?

    I work in the CTICU and swans are phasing out. When I first started 2.5 years ago, I'd see one maybe once a week. Now I'm lucky if I see a swan once a month. They are reserved for the sicker patients.
  9. Angelrina,CCRN

    Shoes for starting rotations

    I'm flat footed also. Air max's aggravate my arch. I use roshe runs (nike). It's been great
  10. Angelrina,CCRN

    CCRN Exam Scheduled!

    Do as many practice questions as you can and read and reread the rationales. I did that and passed the exam with no problems. Good luck!
  11. Angelrina,CCRN

    Medication Errors

    Hang in there! You are in a new role. Don't be so hard on yourself. Just try to be more careful. Get in to the habit of double and triple checking yourself. Remember the 6 rights to med administration. Before you give a med, you need to ask yourself, is this the right med, right patient, right time, right dose, right route. Lastly, the right documentation. It will take long at first, but you will be safe. Patient safety is always the priority. Take the time to ask yourself these questions and you will see your med errors decrease. Just take your time. You will be ok. Hang in there!
  12. Angelrina,CCRN

    Questions regarding CCRN

    You don't send any documentation about your work hours. When you apply, they ask for a contact person that can verify your hours. I have heard they do random audits to verify random people's hours. I've only heard of 1 person in my unit that was audited after passing the exam. I would say take the exam even if you are switching jobs. It's a great accomplishment and shows your dedication. Hope that helps. Good luck!
  13. Angelrina,CCRN

    Feeling hopeless about future after only 6 weeks into Nursing school

    3 weeks ago :) Best of luck to you
  14. Angelrina,CCRN

    How I got into CRNA school.

    Thanks missnurse! That really helps! I will call Monday morning. Mully, that's awesome! Hope you have a great summer vacationing!
  15. Angelrina,CCRN

    How I got into CRNA school.

    Congrats to everyone!! I'm in step 6. Feeling like I don't know where to begin with loans. I completed the fafsa, that's about it. I just want to be sure that my loans will cover my tuition and living expenses. I'm also anxious about moving to a new state but I'm so thankful for this amazing opportunity! Congrats to you powertrip! I know you've come a long way! You also missnurse! Both of you have been so inspiring to me on these forums.