My exam #2 is coming soon..I need encouragement!

  1. Please..please include me in your prayers. I am getting close to my exam schedule..Nov. 26 ( this will be my second attempt). I have been practicing questions with Saunders CD for the past 4 weeks now, doing 100 questions a day including review of the rationale for both wrong/right answers. So far I have answered around 2500 questions. When I first started I was scoring in the low 60's, now I'm scoring in the high 70's. I have been using the exam mode, testing myself with multiple categories and subcategories.Is this good or should I reschedule? I have been following Suzanne's study plan, but I feel like I still need more studying. I really want to pass the second time. Any words of encouragement? I need it and I need a lot of reassurance. The closer I get to my schedule, the more anxious and scared I become...
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  3. by   SierraC
    What helped me is that I did the Mosby's points out your weak areas and then I focused my studies using the Saunders book and CD. The section in Saunders , I think it is called prioritizing or delegating care...really helped me and the questions were very similar to the NCLEX. Good luck to you
  4. by   JentheRN05
    Go in there believing that it will be fine and you can do it. Having a positive attitude going in will definately help.
    More than likely you will still come out feeling like you failed (EVERYONE DOES!!) but if you go in feeling confident you will have a better chance.
    Chew peppermint gum if allowed, it increases memory and recall. Chewing itself increases recall, peppermint increases memory.
    Good luck, you can do it!!!
  5. by   suzanne4
    Pay very close attention to those articles that I sent you. Look your scores are already up about 20% from when you started.