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  1. this may be a dumb question...but i'm new here and i was embarrassed to ask at school in case this is general knowledge that i missed out on!

    i am going to nursing school in NY state. after graduation, i plan on moving out of state. is the nclex universal or do i have to take it whenever i move to a different the BAR for lawyers? if so, should i take it in NY first and then move...or just wait till i reach my final destination?

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  3. by   elkpark
    There are numerous threads here that discuss this -- you can do a search and find the info.
  4. by   suzanne4
    There is only one NCLEX exam and once you take it and pass it, you never have to retake it. You just have to apply for endorsement if you want to get licensed in another state. You can actually take the exam where ever you want, it does not have to be taken in the state where you will be licensed.

    Good luck.....................
  5. by   DZcarrie
    thank you for kindly answering my question!

    have a wonderful weekend!
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