Mosby CAT question

  1. Hi All,
    I have just taken the Mosby CAT NCLEX RN predictor online and I'm a little confused by the information it gives you at the end. I answered 75 questions and it gave me a 94% probablity of passing and it said "Consistent Difficulty Level Achieve" was 0.076. Can anyone tell me what this means? They don't give you a lot of information when you sign up for it. I appreciate any info you guys can give me on this! I test next week (for the 2nd time) so I'm just trying to figure out where I stand. I have also been doing Kaplen Qbank and QTrainer (have done 6 out of the 7 tests)and my scores are:
    Test 1 67%
    Test 2 61%
    Test 3 63%
    Test 4 59%
    Test 5 68%
    Test 6 75%
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  3. by   Chiefy
    I'd like to know the same answer.

    Mine gave me a 94% also--but the level was 0.244.
  4. by   EricJRN
    In reading these threads for several months, I've never seen Mosby CAT be wrong after giving such a high probability of passing.
  5. by   Chiefy
    Quote from EricEnfermero
    In reading these threads for several months, I've never seen Mosby CAT be wrong after giving such a high probability of passing.
    I hope so!!!

    Do you understand or can you explain the number that their giving for difficulty?
  6. by   crb613
    Hi I am getting ready to take the Nclex....I would like to give this a try, what is the site, and the cost?? Thanks!
  7. by   sweetnnurse , the cost is about $40.00. Good luck!
  8. by   crb613
    Thanks so much! I hope my results are good!!!
  9. by   tcdaniels
    Does anybody know what the difficulty level number means?
  10. by   Chiefy
    Ugh! Just took the Mosby for the second time. My results and terrifying. Went from a 94% passing to a 50%.

    I can't take it! I have put so much into prepping for the second go round. Im not going to focus on the so called "50%".

    Happy studying!
  11. by   tcdaniels
    When do you test? If it is soon you may want to stop doing questions or you will psych yourself out. The same thing happened to me...I went from 94% to 82% because the 2nd time around I wasn't concentrating. Last night I did some Kaplan questions on the Qbank and got a 43%...because my wireless connection kept going out and I wasn't concentrating. Did a few more tests and improved to 63% and then 80% on a 15 question test. I take the NCLEX again TOMORROW! My husband told me to just walk away......don't do anymore questions.

    Keep your chin scores fluctuated too. I was pretty calm the past few days but I have a nervous tummy today!
  12. by   Chiefy

    Good luck tomorrow. I'll be thinking of you!

    Im going on the 26th---which I believe is one week from Saturday. Ya I think I'll take a short break and then continue with the question bank from Kaplan.
    I still have test #7 to do on the trainer.

    Let me know how you make out. Relax and keep your cool while your sitting for the test. Take a break too!

    I'll watch for you tomorrow on here. Not that this is the first place you'll be!
  13. by   crb613
    Good luck to both of you!!! I take mine Tue Aug 22nd....I am in panic control mode right now!!! Last night I took test # 5 (I think) on my Kaplan Trainer CD got a 71%. I had taken it before & got a 65....did not have time to read rationales, so I thought I will take it again & really concentrate.....the others I have scored 55,64,69. I am going to try the Mosby Cat & see how I do.....I am scared to death!!! Sorry for rambling!!!
  14. by   crb613
    I have a question..I went to purchase the Mosby Cat online version & had to fill out the physcial addy..... Does it come to you through email so you have instant access (p-word)??? I dont have time for it to be mailed. Geezh I look like taking the Nclex...I cant even make an online purchase! :trout: Thanks