Missed scheduled test time

  1. Has anyone ever missed your scheduled nclex exam due to circumstances that were out of your control? i.e. traffic or anything else? This happened to me and I'm having a hard time getting another test date.
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  3. by   suzanne4
    It has happened to others. You are not the first.
    This is why I always recommend that if you live more than one hour from the center, you make arrangements to stay right by there the night before.

    Depending on where you live and at what time of the year, it can take you another month or two to get rescheduled.

    Remember that the center only has x-number of seats, and Pearson-Vue also does other testing at the same time. They do the testing for many different professions.
  4. by   Queen2u
    YES YES YES, I CAN RELATE!!!!! I wasted 200 precious dollars as a result. Oh, I was ticked off majorly! I was going through a financial hardship at the time (and still am), and though I spoke with many different people in the department, they claimed there was nothing that could be done for me and that I just had to reschedule. Waiting a month or 2...I don't know about all that! I think I was able to reschedule for whatever date I wanted; your paperwork is already in. I live in Cali, and there [I]might[I] be different stipulations for every state. Anyway, just know that you are not alone. I have been there and so have others. You'll be able to look back and laugh at this in the future.
  5. by   jacee
    I heard of this happening to a classmate. the only thing you can do is, pay for it again and reschedule a date. hopefully you'll get a date/near the date that you want. best wishes to ya!!
  6. by   suzanne4
    The reason for the delay in getting another test date depends on the appointments that the center already has scheduled. If graduates of another profession are just getting out, there will be problems in getting slots. Think of what it is like when all of the nursing schools get out in May and June. Some have to set a date six weeks in advance or travel to another area.
  7. by   Bigmama
    Thanks for replying....I spent the day at the BON today. I did pay the $200 a few weeks ago but Pearsonvue never told me I had to contact my BON. After I waited 3 weeks for another ATT letter, I called and then they told me they can't do anything until I contact my BON. I could've done this 3 weeks ago if I'd known!! Today I had to pay again for the license fee plus go get fingerprinted. My temp license expires next week and they said the can't extend it.

    I know in a few years this will be just a memory but it is EXTREMELY frustrating right now!!!!!
  8. by   Stillwaiting4
    Sorry to ask after so many years and not sure if policy has changed. I read your situation from 2005, and I would like to ask if you only had to submit your application with fee and fingerprint, or did you have to contact your school to receive documentation you completed the program, and did you have to submit the 2x2 picture. How long was this process.
    I am two days in this torture that I created and I cant get answers by phone or email, my next step is to travel 5 hours to BON and get direct answers.