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  1. by   dimples4321
    I am taking my test in three days and hope that i will be as ready as i possible can b/c it is time to move on with my life already. I wish everyone the best of luck with their exam this month and months to come.
  2. by   determinedgal1
    I would like to wish everyone the Best of Luck as you sit for the NCLEX exam. Just take your time with each question and pretend that you have x amount of patients to see and you will see them one by one and YOU are the only one that could help these patients. This is just another way to look at this exam, it helps to change your original way of thinking. If anybody needs to vent, I am a PM away, feel free. I will be continuing to pray for each and every one of you. Go in take 5 huge DEEP BREATHS, this helps to slow your heart rate and clear your thinking so you can think. Take your breaks, you DO NOT have to wait until the computer asks you. If prayer helps you go ahead and say one out loud, it DOES NOT matter if anyone can hear you. Good Luck To All of you!:redpinkhe
  3. by   MRS-KED/LPN
    This was very helpful. I will sit again next week. Had to reschedule due to long stressful week (2 funerals to attend).
  4. by   MRS-KED/LPN
    I had been using Saunders 3rd edition to study this time. Before I just did the practice questions from CD, it was helpful but not enough info to pass. So now I'm combining them both. Hope this will help me.
  5. by   VinoLover2030
    May 18 here...this will be my 3rd time. In these hard times I am hoping to do well. I dont feel as pressured and rushed this time.Good luck to all!!!
  6. by   Cali_grl
    I just took the NCLEX-RN yesterday for the second time, but this time I know I passed
  7. by   dnalwor
    may 15 for me... ima tear this test up!
  8. by   kind-hearted08
    Cali_grl that's great. How did you study?My test date is next week and I'm so nervous!!!!!!
  9. by   Cali_grl
    Quote from kind-hearted08
    Cali_grl that's great. How did you study?My test date is next week and I'm so nervous!!!!!!
    The first time I took it, I studied for 2 months for 5 - 6hrs a day, I didn't work, didn't party, I don't have kids...I just STUDIED. I took Kaplan, attended all the classes, did all the Question Trainers and finished the entire QBank and read the rationales for the questions I got wrong and also the ones I got correct. I also read Saunders 4th edition.
    This time around I only studied for 3 weeks for about 1 - 2hrs a day. I only did about 40 NCSBN Learning Extension questions a day. I did not read any review material but I did look over lab values a few times.
    Anyway, I walked in there yesterday knowing I will pass and I walked out KNOWING that I DID PASS. Anyway, the first time I took it I did the "pearsonvue trick" and it let me re-register to take the exam again. This time it is not letting me re-register, so that's a very good sign
  10. by   AllSmiles225
    I took the NCLEX-PN today and am pretty sure that I failed. I had 14 SATA and eight meds that I NEVER heard of.. the only glimmer of hope that I have is that it will not let me re-register for the exam. Good luck to all test takers.
  11. by   lilpal1
    I just took my test nclex rn again yesterday. I have taken it numerous times and am scared to death. With times before, I just went in and had all the ?'s and then received the results of "near the passing standard" in EVERY section. What was I suppose to do with that?? That happened to me 2 times in a row!! This time I focused a little more with studying and hoped and prayed I would just pass already. I graduated 2 yrs ago now and although I have had many ups and downs, I could not have studied any better for that test. Yesterday I received all 265 ?'s again and finished in time. I have to say it was the hardest yet. I had many SATA, about 7 calculations, and many meds that I really could do anything with (couldn't break them down, categorize them..) I walked out of there with no idea. I couldn't sleep at all last night and had to be up at 4am to come to work this morning. I have been keeping myself busy trying not to think about it, but man is it hard. I just know that nursing is my passion. THis is what I am suppose to do in life. I just need to pass. Thanks for reading this and taking the few minutes to listen to me vent. I just need a little support.

    Good luck to everyone else testing this month.
  12. by   nursekittycat
    i'm taking mine may 20th and i fee like im not prepared .. i am so scared..please pray for me guys... thanks
  13. by   hopingtobeanRNsoon
    i have heard that reading too much books and going over notes will give you information overload and will result to failing the exam but the more i read and read and go over my notes and books the more i get confident about the exam and the more confident i am in passing...i am scoring 50%-60% only in my kaplan q bank. i just dont know if i am studying the way i should be because everytime i take a break like one - days to relax and catch up on sleep and do errands and i do questions, my scores arent that good but when i read books and have been going over materials and go questions i get higher scores. but then i read people relaxing more but passing the next better with that time. i am so pessimistic and hopeless...just worried all the time.