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  1. by   jbazoola
    Hey All,
    So I took the test this morning. I was so nervous/excited the night before that I barely slept at all. I left my house without my keys or cell phone and only realized after I was sitting there answering questions that I had forgotten to eat any breakfast!
    Still when the screen turned off after 75 questions I felt AWESOME! I know other people say that if you only got 75 then you probably didn't pass but I don't agree at all. I felt great at the end of the test
    Now maybe I'm totally misguided and perhaps on Friday I'll find out that I need to sign up to take it again but IMHO having it shut off at 75 means you either were very obviously passing or failing. And I can't imagine feeling so confident through so many of the questions (or at the very least being able to eliminate 50% of the possible answers) and still being able to fail so soundly in only 60 questions (not counting the 15 experimentals)

    Anyway, keep the faith everyone. Hopefully I'll be posting in a few days with rocking good news
  2. by   mskwak2011
    Hi all,

    Took the test this morning and the computer shut off at 75q. I was so jittery yesterday that I could not remember my debit pin when I was at the grocery store and forgot a lot of things. I only slept for 2 hours.

    I am praying that I will pass. I sticked to my textbooks and Saunders though I was not able to cover all topics.

    Good luck to all of us. . . .
  3. by   winsome08
    Best of luck to all who are waiting for results for their NCLEX PN/RN. Praying for all of you who still have to take your exam the month of may..
  4. by   studybuddy01
    Sat NCLEX this morning.

    Does anyone know, the Pearson trick, does it mean to get to the credit card page, you have probably failed, or do you have to confirm after that? I have been scared to confirm, incase I do not get the money back if you pass. Although I am assuming that I didn't. As internationally trained nurses (I am from UK) only pass 44% 1st time.
    Do you have to contact the nursing board again, or just reschedule at Pearson?

    Will update you all, when I find out?:spin:
  5. by   rayshanna
    Hi all. I graduated May 8th, tested on May 26th, did the pearsonvue trick over 10 times, and on May 28th I found out that I am a RN! God is good.
  6. by   studybuddy01
    Did you get to the credit card page, and did you confirm payment?
  7. by   rayshanna
    No I didn't get to the credit care page. I got the "our records indicate that you are already registered for this exam, please contact your board of nursing" message.
  8. by   studybuddy01
    I failed!!!!! I got to the credit card page!! I gues the statistics of international nurses are right, only 44% passing first time.
  9. by   rayshanna
    I'm sorry to hear that you failed. I pray that you will study some more than give it another try. May God be with you.