LOW kaplan scores, passed NCLEX

  1. I had the lowest kaplan scores that I have ever seen posted on the internet, and passed NCLEX in 75 questions.
    I just wanted to give some encouragement, and possibly calm some nerves.
    The week before NCLEX I was still getting 42-50% scores on all of the practice tests. More often than not I got 42-44%. The day before NCLEX I got my highest score of 55%.
    I was super nervous because all of the posts on the internet said they where getting in the 60%s while I had got only one score over 50%.
    I was surprised when the NCLEX questions didn't seem very hard and the test shut off after 75 questions.
    To anyone out there that has low kaplan scores....you can do it, kaplan questions are WAY harder than NCLEX questions which makes them an excellent way to study!
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  3. by   Gml2095
    Perhaps people who did bad never posted their scores. You did well on nclex! Kaplan probably helped you!
  4. by   gcaskey
    Did you do all the qbank questions and q trainers?