last question is a difficult q on NCLEX RN

  1. i just took my nclex rn exam for NY yesterday. and i stopped at 75.i had i think 3-4 SATA and many computation it was like 4-5 computation and 1 prio.most my questions i had were about delegation, infection control, prioritization..and i think that the easy one question i got it wrong but i think i got the computation questions ryt..
    i was freaking out ryt now coz i feel that i fail the exam..oh my!it really hurts me so bad. what can u say abot this....haay..

    and sombody told me that if your last quetsion is a dificult one there's a chans that u passed the exam.???does anyone know this???
    coz my last question was a pilot was computaion.. so wat is this??waaahh!!!!
    pls comment on this thread.thnx...
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  3. by   Silverdragon102
    You just can not predict with this exam, all you can do is wait for your results.

    Good luck
  4. by   kkkkk
    thanx i hope i pass.
  5. by   +one
    Quote from kkkkk
    thanx i hope i pass.
    just pray and wait patiently for your result.
    i hope you pass.
  6. by   caliotter3
    Wishing you good luck.
  7. by   anurse2b
    good luck and keep faith!!! god bless!
  8. by   kcj07
    i took my exam as well today for newyork board. it took me all the way to 265 questions. mostly infection control, prioritazition was mostly under meds, about 4sata, drag and drop4 and 6 medcalculations. i was the last person that came out of the was a horrible feeling for me. this is the hardest i have ever seen. i hope God will turn my situation around.
  9. by   kkkkk
    Quote from anurse2b
    good luck and keep faith!!! god bless! feeling so down ryt now.
  10. by   nursekittycat
    i took the test may 20th and its was the hardest exam ever... im in califonia..and i was flipping out all throughout the exam.. i stopped around 160+ dont remember exactly...i hade like 20+SATA lots of pharma meds i havent heard of... tons of delegation infection control and prioritization... i got 5 drug calc (dopa/dobu)...and my ladt question was an SATA.. im still waiting for my result and i feel so nervous and dizzy.. praying and hoping to pass...
  11. by   MBARN
    Sounds just like mine except I think I stopped at 144!
  12. by   shboro
    I took my NCLEX yesterday and I am freaking out!!!!! I got 75 questions. ALOT of infection control questions, endocrine disorders, select all that last 4 questions were select all that apply. I'm not feeling confident and truly feel like I did not pass the test. When the computer shut off at 75 I wanted to cry because I wanted more questions....because I knew I was not doing well. Should be able to access the results tomorrow.....I'm scared to death.
  13. by   Silverdragon102
    Welcome and good luck