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  1. I am feeling very discourage . My trainer scores are as follow 1 57%, 2 47%, 3 58%??? When I look at the test breakdown The upper level questions I score from 73%-100%.... I need help!! What should I do ??? Can anyone tell me there story please with Kaplan good and bad!
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  3. by   UjonesRN
    can someone help me
  4. by   colagirl66
    Hi, my advice is to keep taking the trainers, and pay close attention to the last two, and your readiness exam score.
  5. by   +one
    Regardless of your score, read on the rationales and just retake the TEST that you were not satisfied with, surely you will get a higher percentage on your next try. And the rationales will add to your knowledge.
  6. by   sapphire123
    ahhh.... i took the readiness exam today, got a 66% i'm not even sure what that means.i thought the readiness test would tell you wether or not you know...if youre ready.
    Im sooo nervous im taking the NCLEX on tuesday!
    been getting in the 60s on the question trainers. first trainer i got 71.
  7. by   UjonesRN
    65% mean u are more likely to pass nclex
  8. by   sapphire123
    thanks! im taking the comprehensive online and is not sure what all the percentages mean. if anybody is taking the kaplan comprehensive anybody the page in the book where they break it down? as far as the readiness test is concerned?

    and good luck to you im sure youre gonna do fine.
  9. by   UjonesRN
    oh ok i am doing the class review.. a waste!!lol
  10. by   caliotter3
    Don't get too concerned with the test results. You need to continue to study the rationales and do as many questions as possible every day until your test date. Good luck.