Kaplan scores mostly in 50's..Can I still pass NCLEX on friday??

  1. My test is on Friday and I'm so nervous! This is my second time around and I decided to give kaplan a try. I do feel like the kaplan questions are a lot harder than what was on my boards last time but with my scores persistently being in the middle 50's and occasionally 60's and sadly sometimes low 50's with a few 44 in there am I even in the range to pass NCLEX?? I have pushed my test date back as far as I can go so with my ATT expiring Feb. 2nd. I just hope that there are more people out there like me that have passed. I can usually rule out 2 questions right away but most of the time I pick the wrong answer between the two left. I do feel more confident, calm, and ready for the test this time around and I feel that if I fail it with kaplan there is no hope.
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  3. by   NurseLoveJoy88
    I say go for it! I'm using nscbn and my scores were pretty low at first in 50s and 60's. The more I do the more confident I am. I'm now getting more high 60's and low 70's ( passing is 75). Take the test and have faith. Even if you don't pass you can always take it again. I have the same problem, narrowing it down to two answers, just focus on the BEST answer between the two. I take mine on Monday!!!!
  4. by   Lucy12784
    GOOD LUCK!!!! Let me know how you do I agree with you that the more I am doing these questions the more confident I feel and my scores have improved from the beginning so I know its helping. I have been praying everyday, remembering to relax is what I need to focus on. Last time I tested I took all 265 ?'s and I had no idea of how the test was scored so somewhere after 200 my anxiety kicked in and I felt like I sped through the last part of it, which would be why I failed. But you are right, I do need to remember that I have the option to take it again. Thanks for your help!! And good luck on Monday!!
  5. by   NurseLoveJoy88
    You're welcome!!!! I'm praying for us. I will keep you posted. pass or fail
  6. by   Lucy12784
    Thinking of you today! (not in a creepy way lol!) Hope you are having a nice relaxing, peaceful day so you can go into your test ready and confident and not stress out!! I will be praying for you and GOOD LUCK tomorrow!!