Kaplan NCLEX-RN "strategies,practice and review book 2011-2012" cd practice test 59%

  1. Took the 180 practice question test on the cd that came with the book.

    Only got 59% though. Anyone else have this, what scores should we be getting 70% im guessing? Disappointed in my results.
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  3. by   aghols12
    hey! i have that book and i love it (however mines is 2012-2013 but im sure it's very similar). i took the computer generated 180-question test and i got a 62% - im disappointed in my percentage as well, but at the same time im not because hey - it could have been worse, especially since i havent been reviewing much. i was going through the questions pretty quickly too b/c i despise extrememly long exams and i tend to change answers when i dwell on a question for too long. i am not sure what percentage is an indication of passing NCLEX but i do plan on doing the questions in that book; they are really good i believe. are you studying anything else? and when do you plan on taking NCLEX?
  4. by   blinky
    Im going down the 23rd this month for NCLEX

    Been studying a EXAM cram book by Pearson, NCLEX 4000 75 Q's every other day, NCBSN 3 week review course I bought 1-2 content areas a day. And the random fact throwing guide they have around here was like 290 pages in Word I went through and categorized into disease processes, isolation, priority etc.

    Book says we should be at 70%+
  5. by   futurern34
    I took that exam a while ago 2010 ed, and rec'd i think it was a 62%. I too do not like taking very long exams.
  6. by   nep1980
    Kaplan was a JOKE a waste of money....my school forced us to all take the kaplan course....My test was 2 select all that apply for every multiple choice....I passed first try and had 86 questions....But I thought Kaplan was no help, what was good was paying attention in school. All Kaplan did was hold up my school from sending my info to my State BON and then I had to wait longer for an authorization to test.....I say save your money, pay attention in school....I only had one question from Kaplan and it was the easiest question on the whole test....not that the test was easy....NOT A FAN OF KAPLAN.....
  7. by   kit86
    Hey I also scored a 59%, I was just wondering how you did on the NCLEX? Im not feeling quite confident for my test and its in 4 days. Help?
  8. by   susan125
    so do u recommend for everyone preparing for nclexrn