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For those of you who took the KAPLAN NCLEX review, can you tell me what it consisted of? Did they only teach you things about strategy or was there some review in there also? For those of you who... Read More

  1. by   Matilda50
    Check the sticky at the top of the thread New revised tip of suzanne plan many people have passes with her plan.
  2. by   MRS.ADG53
    Thanks 4 The Insight I'm Using Kaplan & Saunders..........have Took My Nclex Yet But I'm Praying I Pass It My 1st Shot. Good Luck 2 All Preparing 4 It
  3. by   FLORIDA2006
    Hi , congratsssss on passing, I wanted to ask you if you can share with me the kaplan stratergy, I am having difficulty understanding it, I have heard that the startergy helps in some areas however ,knowledge base info is important as well. It is at all possible if you can explain it it me I would truely appreciate it,,thanks
  4. by   FLORIDA2006
    Congrats!!!!!!! Can you share with me the stratergy with kaplan, I am having great difficulty with understanding the process..thanx so much.
  5. by   scubadooII
    I took Kaplan, Failed my first time around ( I dont think I took it seriously) - I had a lot going on, just got married back from 1 month vacation, etc...Lots of excuses - I am now doing the 1st part of Suzanne's program & its helping me waayyy more than kaplan. Save your money and do Suzanne's plan
  6. by   geniegrz
    Hi I was just wondering which is better Kaplan or Hurst. I just dont want to spend all that money if they don't really help. Please soneone HELP
  7. by   pers
    Quote from geniegrz
    Hi I was just wondering which is better Kaplan or Hurst. I just dont want to spend all that money if they don't really help. Please soneone HELP
    I'm not sure anyone can honestly say which is better because different people are going to have different opinions.

    I had been out of school for 11 years and was looking for a review program. I narrowed it down to Kaplan and Hurst but was very torn between the two and kept getting conflicting opinions on which was better. I had heard that Hurst offered a better content review while Kaplan offered better strategies. Ultimately, I decided on Kaplan primarily because of the qbank. Really, I think the idea of Kaplan offering "strategies" may be what sets it apart, but is also a bit misleading as they also cover content. I didn't finish the Kaplan review as I opted to take the NCLEX early so much of it went untouched. I did however, learn their decision tree (strategy process) and practiced using it in their guided review videos. I also completed the 7 question trainers as well as the readiness and diagnostic tests. Oddly, the qbank was what convinced me to use Kaplan and I didn't even touch it.

    In addition to Kaplan, I used the LaCharity book (Priority, Delegataion and Assignment). Previously, I had attempted to use Saunders because everyone kept telling me it was great for content review but I hated it and quickly gave up. I did purchase the Kaplan book (with CD) but didn't really use it as I ended up buying their review program instead (the online complete).

    I passed the NCLEX in 75 questions on my first try. I really feel like Kaplan helped me and even though I may not have always used their strategies on the NCLEX, the practice of using their strategies did help me focus on thinking through questions rather than just looking for the "right" answer. A lot of the NCLEX isn't about a "right" answer but the BEST answer! I know others weren't successful with Kaplan so what worked for me may not work for you, but eleven years is a long time to be out of school and considering the limited amount of review I did, I can only sing the praises of Kaplan!
  8. by   caliotter3
    It is up to the individual to decide which is best if they can afford to do both.