Kaplan NCLEX Q-Bank??

  1. I just graduated Nursing school like a week ago and I'm doing the Kaplan Review (including the online and the class). Well, the class itself doesn't start till June, but I'm doing all the Q Bank questions before then because I want to test immediately the class itself is over. For people that Kaplan really helped, I heard not to both doing other stuff, just the kaplan book (with strategies for test taking) and questions, questions, questions. Is it not worth learning anything at this point? Also, I am scoring between 50 and 65% on the kaplan Q bank tests. Is that good? I know I want to pass the NCLEX in 75 questions and 15 questions are experimental. Therefore there are 60 questions. So if I pass a leas half of those, have I passed? Or do they have to be at/or above the minimum competency level too? Just trying to figure out if I'm doing okay or not. Too bad they don't tell you on the site what your score translates to in 'NCLEX world' (whether you passed or failed). I can't do the question trainer tests yet because they've locked them until we start the physical class in June. Also I haven't been able to take the diagnostic test yet.
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  3. by   Ohmygosh
    I will begin Kaplan review on Tuesday. I found a course syllabus on the Kaplan web site and they suggest a score of at least 65% on from their Qbank. Hope this helps
  4. by   davishomestay
    i have used kaplan review for my pn and rn review and i found it very helpful. i would say the q-bank is the best review i had and yes kaplan rep. would tell you to score at least 65% on every practice test you take. the good thing about q-bank is that you could be on tutor mode while answering questions and right away get the right answer and rationale why its the right answer, i tried honest to goodness to make sure that i didnt change the answer key coz its only i who cheats myself if ill do it.
    [color=#ffa500]the question trainer i would say, reflects in a way how the nclex test will ask question and how the situation is stated, clear and direct to the point.
    [color=#ffa500]the first 3 question trainer are not so bad not until the 4-7 i believe it ranges from 100-265 questions, its very time consuming for me because im a slow reader and it took a while before i could finish the whole test and i keep on suspending it.
    [color=#ffa500]study the question trainer after you get all the tips from ur class on how to choose a smart answer and also finish answering ur question bank then ur ready.
    [color=#ffa500]goodluck to your test.
  5. by   incubator2007
    i paid $665 for the international review online and i will say it was a waste of money.call the before you set off for the class because they might not call you if the class is cancelled,it happened to me.
  6. by   blueberrimuffins
    anyone out there who utilized only the Kaplan Question Bank and not the class??
  7. by   ValerieCQ
    i did the kaplan class as well. their strategies were helpful to me. i also liked their qbank questions because they were at the appropriate level for nclex-rn. but one suggestion is to not think of just getting 75 questions. it could stress you out on test day if you go beyond the 75. one thing they tell you in kaplan is to be ready to test for the full 265 and that as long as you keep getting questions, you're still in the game. good luck!
  8. by   imanurse26
    hi there, i already have my date for my Nclex-Rn exam next week....i am freaking out right now coz all my Qbank results ranges from 50% to 60%. does it mean i am not yet ready to take the exam? please enlighten me!=(
  9. by   CharleeJo.RN
    Quote from blueberrimuffins
    anyone out there who utilized only the Kaplan Question Bank and not the class??
    i only did the Qbank, not the class. I found it very, very helpful. I just took my PN exam on monday, and left feeling pretty good about it. I will find out in the morning thru quick results whether I passed, but I highly doubt that i didn't. i strongly suggest using kaplan.
  10. by   _cassyandra
    I used PN Qbank and got 58% and that was doing questions that I missed and didn't use. Just focus on the rationales and why you got the answer wrong. I passed NCLEX with 85 quesitons my first time.