Just took the NCLEX, had a few questions

  1. Got hammered with medication questions.. felt like it was at least 1/3 of the thing

    Anyone else have a long multi-step calculation problem?

    this isn't the exact thing i had to do but the number of steps is the same:

    this wait sucks.. i felt really strong leaving at 75 questions.. but now im starting to replay the questions over and over and second guess myself
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  3. by   youknowho
    I swear I had the same question. My friend had it yesterday also. Both of us stopped at 75 but now we are playing the wait game with you
  4. by   zebkaiku
    i see you are in san jose.. so am i.. and i took it yesterday too.. on 1st street
  5. by   youknowho
    yep, 1st St. I got some meds and even an herb. My test was all over the place. I wish CA did the quick results thing. I better get out of the house or I will sit here on the computer all day!!
  6. by   Leilah75_RN
    maybe you both sat on the same room at the same time! lol sweet!!!! anyways, i have like 75-80% meds questions but none of them wer calculations.

    goodluck to both of yah. i m sure u made it:P winks....enjoy while waiting for yer result.
  7. by   zebkaiku
    good luck =)... i really need to get out too... go for a run.. get drunk in downtown.. maybe go get drunk and then go for a run.. that'd keep my mind off the test for awhile =) haha jk
  8. by   Leilah75_RN
    lol whichever comes first u r free to go! hahahahaha....just be safe hehehehe....enjoy!
  9. by   nrlrn77
    Good luck to all of you!
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  10. by   dijaqrn
    Be careful folks, you are not allowed to post actual NCLEX questions and answers, you promised not to disclose, and it is grounds for losing your license. I'm actually surprised one of the mods hasn't deleted this link!!!!!!!!!!!!