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85 questions. I feel so nervous about it passing! Cutting off at 85 questions, this is good right? I dont feel that i totally bombed the test though... any input?... Read More

  1. by   Patrick57
    The test sounds very similar to my networking certification exams. They are designed using a special algorithm that figures out where your weaknesses are, based on the answers to the questions (which are pulled randomly from a large pool). If your doing poorly in one area, the software will start hitting you with more questions in that area, and yes, they will become more difficult.

    The "cutoff" is a based on this algorithm. It figures out, based on the amount of questions remaining, if you can still pass based on your continued performance.

    My network tests were crazy. I had 7 separate tests to take, and each test was 15 to 35 questions, with 45 minutes to complete any one test. some were t/f, multiple choice, and some were you had to complete a simulation.

    I agree, it's quite unnerving when it simply cuts you off and ends the test.

  2. by   TheCommuter
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  3. by   gwafuh_rn
    Quote from sem_rs
    guys ask ko lng:
    do i need to take the nclex review from a center?
    i have a saunders too would that be enough?
    You can attend a review centre or do self studies..Saunders 4th edition would be enough..Try doing suzannes plan..
  4. by   brandy56
    HI guys am a foriegn educational nurse who has been approved to sit this so frightening neclex exam that you all talk about. anyway it will be harder for me as i did all my training in england, i have the relevant books, saunders, kaplan strategies practice and review and Q &A Lippincotts. is this enough to get me through (HELP) have not sechduled yet for exam as my board papers expire in june, i have to reapply to the boards for another year inorder to give my self from now till then to study, pls tell me what u think!!!!!!

    a stressed out nurse!