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i will retake my nclex on june 27 and i really need to pass this exam. good luck to all !!!:typing... Read More

  1. by   SailorMoon808
    Quote from marissa3delta
    Found out today that I passed!!! I was so worried over nothing. So here is my advice to all of you that are worried sick over this exam--- every one of my friends that took the exam that day with me were convinced that they failed. There isn't one person I know that walks out of that room and says "hey that wasn't so bad-- I think I passed." So don't lose hope and hold your head high because there is a good probability that you passed. The day of my exam I was a complete mess afterwards... I cried all the way home and didn't know what I would do if I lost my job because of being such a complete idiot. I felt as if I didn't know half of the crap on the test, but everyone else has told me they felt the same way. If you do fail, don't give up and try again. You've come this far and there is no reason for you to back down now!

    Good luck to everyone taking the test soon and don't mope around for 2 days like I did because you probably did just fine!!!

    Oh and try the "Pearson Vue Trick"-- it worked for me too.

    I agree with you, I felt crap the day that I left the testing center. I felt I didn't know anything. I was a mess for 3 days until my friend told me to check my mail. Of course the 2 evenings after the test, I already tried the pearson trick.

    Right now, I still couldn't believe it that I am already a nurse (no longer a student nurse). I have to pinch myself sometimes to make sure that I am awake. I had to triple check my letter from the BON.

    Anyway, for the future test takers just my 2 cents after you did all your studying:
    -have a good night sleep before the exam
    -do something fun
    -keep a positive thought
    -lastly, PRAY (it always works)

    On you way out from the testing center, pat yourself on the shoulder and say "I did my best". Almost everybody feels the same when they leave the testing center, I felt bad when my friend told me her exam went "good" but I said "I can no longer do anything about it, I did my best"

    Good luck to all!
  2. by   SailorMoon808
    Quote from jsd42277
    Hello everyone! Congrats to those who passed!! I am taking the test on Friday (6/26). I am getting so nervous and already started having trouble sleeping! You know... the dreams where you fail! I have been doing Kaplan Qbank with an average of 71% (not all questions answered) along with Saunders study mode for content. I know they say to take a break from studying but I feel like if I take a break, I won't stay in the NCLEX mode. How many people actaully DID NOT study or do any questions the day before the test? I just don't see myself not doing a couple of questions.... now that is has become a daily routine for 2 1/2 months! Wish me luck!

    Oh and any tips on how to get a good nights sleep (turn off the brain) the night before would be wonderful!!!

    Thanks so much!
    Warm shower, listen to classical music. I was so restless the night before the exam but I was fine on the day of the exam. Take your time to go through the questions and apply your critical thinking skills. You will have a lot of time (RN 6 hours, PN 5 hours)
  3. by   SailorMoon808
    Quote from SBT85
    My test is tomorrow. I have scheduled and rescheduled it several times. So tomorrow is the big day. I've been so nervous and anxious about it; sometimes I get tachycardic, nausous, and diaphoretic just thinking about it. I just want it to be over. I'm hoping/praying/having faith that I'll pass. Good luck to those taking it soon and Congrats to those who've already passed.

    isn't called "anxiety disorder"? I had the same problem but only nowadays that I am starting to get over it. The ear plug that they provide at the testing center helped me calm down hahaha...

    -prayer always works
    -don't do anything now just chat with us hahaha
    -good luck

    don't forget to pat yourself on the shoulder when you leave the testing center.
  4. by   SailorMoon808
    Quote from smile2009
    has anyone done the trick and didnt work for them??? am so frustrated
    i tried and it didn't allow further that my name and address.
  5. by   SailorMoon808
    Quote from d.martin
    Hi guys--I just got the results back and I passed!!!!!!!! I tried the Pearson trick and it worked for me. Good luck to everyone else that is taking it

  6. by   gmga02
    miss anna,
    I am taking mine today, in WI at 2pm. I am nervous, and don't know what to expect.
    I will be praying for you. Let us know how you did!!
  7. by   dimples4321
    I am so nervous waiting for my results, but i wonder how soon will the BON update their website. I really don't wanna try the Pearson trick b/c the last time i did it took me to the payment page and i rather not go through that again. Well all i can do is hope for the best it is out of my hands.

    Good luck to u all who still have to take the exam.
  8. by   blf982
    just to let all you californians know... i called bvnpt this morning (june 23) and they said they mailed out my results for june 1st yesterday (june 22)....
  9. by   vasnthi
    I took my exam on the 22nd @ 2pm and it's been 48 hours the result is not posted yet, little worried.
  10. by   vasnthi
    i passed , the trick worked
  11. by   gmga02
    Hi all!
    Well, I took the NCLEX RN today, and it shut off after 75 questions. I had one click and drag, about 8 SATA, and alot of prioritization, infection control and medication questions. No questions r/t lab values, or calculations.
    It took me about 65 minutes to complete, and I honestly do not know how I did. I took the Kaplan, and now the waiting begins!!
    I tried the Pearson trick already, and it won't let me register for another test. Is this a good sign???
  12. by   shotsRfuN
    I took NLCEX last week and passed! Congratulations to others who have passed and good luck to those who are scheduled to take it soon!
  13. by   dimples4321
    I am so nervous b/c i dont think that i passed once again. I haven't checked pearson vue sit b/c i rather not face the truth that way, so i keep checking the BON website and my name is not there, so i am wondering if it's just that they haven't updated as yet or did i really fail.

    This time it felt really different, i passed 100 questions and i was getting alot of priority and who the nurse should see first, so i thought b/c of that , i had passed but not seeing my name makes me so nervous!
    Goodluck to everyone who has to take/retake!