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Hi Friends! I am taking the NCLEX in January. I will graduate from my accelerated BSN program in mid-December, just before Christmas. This is an 11.5 month ABSN program and is... Read More

  1. by   florydory
    I am rescheduling for the end of February..................unforseen circumstances caused me to want to wait til the end of February instead of the end of January............I need to join that February study group too!
  2. by   Pedsnurze
    Hello Everyone,
    Well, I finally took the exam: I had a lot of cohorting of patients, delegation & priority who would I assign where,psych, endocrine and a few pharm 2 were calculations. Also, I had the visual select screen, the heart and lung sounds and infection control. Drugs I never even heard of. My goodness it was all over the place. The last time I looked up I was somewhere around 185 questions not sure were it cut off at. I was much calmer this time took the break when prompted. Did not take the second one, was feeling defeated kept praying,stopped to collect my thoughts then continued on. Shortly thereafter, the screen went blue and I was done.Funny thing is I had just geared myself up to go the full time as it was I was in close to 4 hours.
    Found out today via pearsonvue: results not available yet went to cc page. It has been 3 yrs now and this is my second attempt at gaining licensure. Feels really crummie 2 fail. Just dont know what to do now. Can't afford any live reviews, no new study material, besides I have tons and I still bummed out.Nursing is my passion I breathe it.
    Not understanding this obstacle right now. Sorry for being so long. HOPE this helps one of you to succeed.
    As for me where Do I begin? For all of you who sent me study aids or posted suggestions or words of wisdom just know that they are and were greatly appreciated! May GOD continue to bless us through it all.