Is this true?

  1. Hello everybody, I hope you could help me understand how NCLEX works in different 50 states? Are they all the same? I've heard california Nclex will not allow filing of reciprocity from other state? Is this true?
    Thank you....

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  3. by   traumaRUs
    The NCLEX exam is exactly the same test in every state. The reciprocity you are discussing is for licensure. There are the compact states where you can have a license in one of those states and then obtain reciprocity in another state that is in the compact. However, when you get licensed, you can transfer your license to another state just by contacting the board of nursing in the state where you want to be licensed and follow their procedures. Good luck. Hope this clarifies it a little for you.
  4. by   eanah™
    Thank you very much...We just need to understand more about NCLEX in America, I heard some stories that California is so strict and wouldn't accept reciprocity from other state. Anyway, thank you very much! God Bless!

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  5. by   eanah™
    Thank you very much for the clarification but what do you mean by the compact state where I can file for reciprocity in another state that is in the compact, I really didn't get that. What are the compact state?thank you....
  6. by   Silverdragon102
    You living in the Philippines don't need to worry about compact license as usually you need to reside in one state but work in another. I suggest checking out the International forum and several threads I suggest you read Working in the US, California for initial licensure and also read up on retrogression as you will be affected by it and will take you several years to go through all the process and get a work visa.
  7. by   suzanne4
    NCLEX-RN exam is a national exam. It does not matter which state that you test for, or the location that are testing for; the exam will be the same that you get. There are not specific exams for different states, only the national one. And the results of that exam are valid in all fifty states and the US territories. This is what is meant by reciprocity.

    Nursing licenses in the US do not have reciprocity, you must apply for License by Endorsement and have your credentials evaluated by the new state, as well as meet their requirements before they will issue you a license. The only thing that they accept are the results of this exam, otherwise you need to go thru all of the other procedures that are required.

    Compact Licenses are not good for all fifty states either, only the ones that are under that. But as a foreign nurse that is not already a legal resident in a state before you even apply to test, will not qualify under the Compact License pact, you will only get a license that is valid in that one state.