Is the NCLEX the same in every state?

  1. I reside in Florida and I've been told by some Rns that the NCLEX for Florida is harder than the one in Georgia. That would surprise me since I thought this was a national test. Does anyone know if some states have an easier NCLEX or may straight forward test than in other states?

    I still plan on testing in Florida but I was just surprised when some nurses told me they took the Ga test to ensure they would pass!

    Still waiting on my ATT! Graduated May 1st!! I'm so nervous!

    Also I've only been able to complete 2 practice tests and I've only made 50% on them. So how long should I wait to test?
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  3. by   Cinqly
    From what I have read on the NCLEX testing site, the test is a national test and thus the same in every state. The whole purpose of a standardized, nationalized test is that so each student has an equal opportunity of doing well based on the same content. Although the questions may be different on each test, the questions are researched, graded, and standardizes so each student has the same potential to pass or fail based on their understanding and application of their knowledge.
  4. by   caliotter3
    The NCLEX is a nationwide test. It does not matter what state you take it in, you will get the same type of test, with the same content for the computer to "choose" your next question based on your last answer.
  5. by   pers
    How long since those nurses took the NCLEX? It's my understanding that it didn't used to be a national test but I'm not sure when it changed.
  6. by   caliotter3
    The computer version (nationwide) came out in 1994, give or take. My class was one of the first to start taking this test. Our instructors in school were bending over backwards trying to prepare the students.
  7. by   elkpark
    These rumors are always floating around (always a different state that's "harder," though) ... The computer doesn't know whether it's in FL, GA, or Timbuktu -- the test is the same (of equal difficulty, that is) wherever you take it.