Is nscbn close to real nclex Qs?

  1. I just finished doing nscbn on-line course and Qs seems to be very hard,i think harder than Kaplan.And I did around 65% right with the lowest score 50% and the highest 95%.For those who took nscbn on-line course and NCLEX, Is it close to real NCLEX questions?
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  3. by   YAJRN
    :spin: Hi ,

    I also took ncsbn, yeap the questions are very tricky! Got lots of new things and it is a bit more complicated than kaplan. If you don't spend a lot of time thinking of any answers you would really sellect the wrong ones.

    Patience is what I observe in answering those damned items in NCSBN.

    hARD THAN kaplan!
  4. by   LSaunders6

    Did the review course help you to pass the NCLEX EXAM. I am considering taking the NCSBN or Kaplan. Needs advice from any one who have taken either review course pros and cons
  5. by   suzy253
    The questions are about as close as the real NCLEX exam as the NSCBN also consists of a board of item writers--who develop and write the questions given on the NCLEX.
  6. by   tanita
    Thank you,guys.
    I was shocked by that hard Qs. The good thing is I won't be shoched on real NCLEX,I know what to expect.So,I highly recommend that course,especially because NCLEX 's going to be harder since April.
  7. by   ladymayfair118
    yes NCSBn online close to real nclex..very triicky really help me to pass my exam and kaplan strategies 2007 edition also..just read and study it many times..dont memorize it just understand the content..practice more questions everyday..any materials will do as long as you are me!!!ive done it,i stopped at 75 items..and dont forget to pray hard during ur review and exam...god will give me you a miracle...okay..GOOD luck
  8. by   Wen83
    Harder than kaplan?? Now I'm getting scared. I've been studying with just kaplan, should I be doing more?? I'm getting so overwhelmed
  9. by   tanita
    Many people passed with only Saunders,some tried Kaplan olso.If you did Kaplan well i don't think you will have problems on the exam.As for me,i have only Kaplan Q trainer .After I finished it Saunders qs seemed very easy and I decided to try something else.
  10. by   nurseangel5
    How can I get to the review offered by nscbn?
  11. by   ladymayfair118
    u go to or u can enroll there..u can choose how many weeks u want..3 weeks is $49..good luck..i know u can make it!!!!GODBLESS
  12. by   sandey37
    I used their program and passed nclex with 85 questions. I would definately recommend it to anyone. I studied it for 1 week
  13. by   onduty23
    might have to try this out
  14. by   onduty23
    how many question do they offer?