If you've taken the NCLEX- do you think the questions compared more to one book

  1. than another? I know there are many, many, many books out there. Each one has a different style of teaching and reviewing. Do you think the NCLEX-PN was similar to any of the books you used to review? I have Saunder's from seeing it on here and I bought Kaplan but I somehow don't feel prepared enough.
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  3. by   Leilah75_RN
    the Board uses all books available.they dont endorse a single book to read. but they go on basics and so as all the books. anatomy and physiology, all facts about the disease etc. the board just makes the questions a lil bit more confusing adding wrong word into the what you will think is the right answer. Get books that composes everything, a review and questions to answer with rationales. Saunders is a good guide and used with Suzanne's plan with great success. you may wanna try Mosby's comprehensive review as well. or the lippincott and yes the kaplan. i am trying to concentrate to 1 book at the moment to avoid confusion. and practice more questions. you may wanna contact Suzanne as well. she can help you with your dilemma. good luck to all of us
  4. by   Cherybaby
    I have used a number of books and CD's. ExamCram was a great book, but the CD had a LOT of mistakes on it. ExamCram seemed to me to be most like the exam. I used Pharmacology Made Easy by Chicago Review for Pharm questions. It prepared me VERY well, I think. Dosage Calcs made Easy by Springhouse (I had only ONE calculation...but if there had been more,I would have been ready for it!) I also used Springhouse third edition, Saunders third ed and Mosby's.

    Out of all of those...I found that Saunders had the questions that were most like the exam. This includes the CD. The practice tests in the book are great. I used this book for the last 3 weeks of studying and I wish I had gotten it sooner.

    I just took my NCLEX yesterday...so I won't know until tomorrow if the book was right for me! But, I did find it to be the best of all the books I used.

  5. by   TheCommuter
    I took the NCLEX-PN about 13 months ago. I actually thought that the NCLEX was comprised of much easier questions than those found in any nursing school test or review book. In my opinion, the NCLEX is not a difficult feat to accomplish unless the test-taker walks into the test center with the attitude that it will be 'so hard'.
  6. by   whirlwind
    hi! i used saunders as a review material for my nclex-rn exam and despite the so many practice questions i did, my type of question was entirely different... (that was the book i only used)
    when i browsed tru kaplan after the exam, wow!!! it was a lil bit familiar.. how i wish i used kaplan too...anyhow, im still waiting for my result.. i hope it will be a positive one..