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    Passing NCLEX may be the most important goal to be accomplished by any graduating nursing student. The exam is gruesome but can be done. The purpose of this article is to give tips to graduating nursing students on how to tackle the NCLEX.

    They say the exam is not a feel good exam! You come out there not feeling good and feeling mentally drained. This is why you see most people post saying they thought they failed. I felt so sick after ... stomach was turning...

    Most people relax after PVT. I took the exam with 91 questions. The test was hard but you have to relax, focus, and read each single word. If you don't you will miss a key point. I was kinda freaking out when I went on to question 76 but I then realized I'm still in this I gotta focus. I was happy happy happy when I got the good pop up on pvt.

    When answering questions keep it simple... like really simple. This is a minimum competency exam that means they just want to see if you are a safe nurse. You don't have to be an expert but you are simple enough to think and do what is safe... as you answer the questions

    Remember !!!!!

    1. Ask yourself what is the simplest, fastest, safest, least invasive thing I can do for my patient. It could be as simple as turning your pt to the side, listen to breath sounds

    2. Ask yourself if I could only DO one thing for this pt and walk out... ONLY ONE... what would NOT KILL MY patient or at least what wouldn't kill my patient even if I walked out (as you can see this is the same as number 1)

    3. ASSESS ASSESS ASSESS... You have to assess before u intervene... think about it you find a patient suffering from SOB turning blue and the first thing you do is call the Dr. The Dr is going to ask what is the o2 sat, resp rate, vitals, how is the patient position, are you with the patient? You have to make sure BY ASSESSING before you intervene.

    DON'T ALWAYS BE FOOLED THOUGH ...The trick is if your question has no assessment data you have to attain further info... but if it has assessment data DO YOUR ONE THING. A patient in a cast with blue toes - blue toes is you assessment AN EMERGENCY intervene by calling doc right away

    4. Maslows tx physical before psychosocial

    5. ABC WITHOUT A DOUBT - Be on the look out for words like restless confused anxious usually mean hypoxia take care of ABC.

    Take what you did in school seriously. I prepared using...

    Use ATI... They have good strategies that are easy to follow I had ATI throughout school but went hard core with questions from April to June

    Use the La Charity book on priorities, delegation and assignment from around may to June. This book doesn't have great NCLEX style questions but surely helps u think.

    Use Pharmacology Memory Card - This a small but very useful little book... its has pictures and mnemonics to help u remember the meds ... my average on the pharm questions went up up up at one time I scored 92% in that segment on a practice tests did this April to June

    Use the Illustrated NCLEX Prep Book - This book is great great great for content especially if you are a visual learner like me. I learn from seeing pictures the info is great from what you need to know including your goals and tx from April to June as well

    Do the Kaplan in Class Review ... THIS was great!!!! 4 intense days ... This is an awesome class. I high highly recommend it Kaplan teaches you strategies. All you do is practice questions and they teach how to think through the question and each answer. Their questions are the hardest. I took their readiness test after their class and was given a 97.3% predictor of passing the first time... I had set my test date for July 15 but after the class I moved it to July 2 (this date was 4 days after the class completed) I was feeling a little more confident. I got between 61-71% on the Qtrainers didn't get a chance to do Qbank since i moved my date. Don't forget to practice their alternate style questions too that helped a lot.

    Know your content ... continue practicing over and over again. I still practiced my ATI. I practice and repeat all until the very end.

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