I passed, my NCLEX-RN jouney has come to an end - page 2

I found out this morning that I passed the NCLEX-RN. I have been reading this forum for the past year and have read so many success stories. I am happy to finally share a success story of my own.... Read More

  1. by   hart29
    Congratulations, I take my boards in dec and this will be the third time!! I dkaplan and it did not work both times? I have saunders. Did u use the CD?
  2. by   tammylee
    Congrats great work. It is possible will determination!!!!!
  3. by   Shondacat517
    wow! thanks for the motivation. i retake my test thursday. i hope i can be successful this time...i figured i need to brush up on content so that's what i did and then i focused on how to answer questions and figure out what they really wanted from me......please say a prayer for me for success. i am a emotional rollercoaster someday i feel confident and other days i feel unsure
  4. by   leaveittogodRN
    Congratulations on your success!! I hope to have a success story like this to share one of these days too!
  5. by   USRN2Be

    I also failed twice and it took me 2 years to get back and start studying again. I have been studying after having a baby and now I have registered for the exam. I am happy for you and hope I can feel same way when I get to receive a note saying that I am a REGISTERED NURSE!
  6. by   Yownyown
    im also a retaker. This year, im taking my second attempt here in California as well...i failed on my first try. thank you for sharing your story. It moved me. it was an inspiring story and i agree on your post especially the last part. Thank you and Congratulations.
  7. by   katzzie
    inspiring story...