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  1. tammylee

    NCLEX How I Passed 1st Time!

    Took Nclex in FL 08/10/10 @8am my computer shut off at 85questions, when I got home did the PVT and got the good pop up. I was still not conviced 100%. The next morning I found out I passed, so to the non-believers PVT does work. Okay how I passed my Nclex on the first try. 1. Study Study Study 2. Did 100-150 questions a day/Read rationales for all of them 3. Used kaplan, saunders, ATI, my med/surg textbook from school, notes I took during class, took a three week pn-review on NCSBN.org 4. Studied lab values.......Very Important!! 5. Went over infections and isolations...There is a great mnemonic on infection I found here on all nurses (search for infection mnemonic) 6. Work twice as hard on the areas I was weak in (for me OB/Peds) 7. When I felt I couldn't study anymore I thought about how much harder it would be to start or re-take this exam a second time, and hit the books Full force again 8. No I have a life ,two kids a job, but you have to make the time. You didn't come this far graduate nursing school to throw in the towel now. Remember that nothing worth having comes easily or for free without sacrifice. IT CAN BE DONE, don't get discouraged. 9. Trust in yourself and do the work, Make a commitment to yourself that each day you learn something new. 10. Stay calm during the test, take slow deep calming breaths when you feel you can't possibly answer one more question. Before you know it the computer will stop. It did for me at 85questions. Prepare yourself and have a positive attitude the day of the test. BEST OF LUCK!!!!!!!
  2. tammylee

    FL Nclex Test Takers

    Thank you, I also found out I passed with this website along with PVT (did the same day as test). Good Luck to everyone on their Nclex! "You Can Do It!":yeah::yeah::yeah:
  3. tammylee

    FL Nclex Test Takers

    Congrats. I also passed my Nclex boards on 08/10/10. Did the PVT and found out I passed unoffically the same day. Then went to the above mentioned website to confirm again that I passed.
  4. tammylee

    Nclex-rn Cut Off At 110 This A.m.:absolutely Sick!

    I'm sure you did fine, if not at least you know what types of questions/formats to look for.
  5. tammylee

    I passed, my NCLEX-RN jouney has come to an end

    Congrats great work. It is possible will determination!!!!!
  6. tammylee

    Any Study Suggestions--NCLEX RN?