i passed my nclex

  1. Thanks everyone for ur support..i passed my Nclex california board..i took it last dec 4...i stopped at 75 questions..i cant believe it coz the questions are familiar and the choices are very tricky..and they said california board is so dificult...and after the exam i was so disappointed..to everyone to will take nclex just study and study..find some time for study..becoz when i had my review i studied for 12 hrs aday straight in front of PC..i studied saunders Q&A and read it 3 times,NCSBN online many times and kaplan...it really helps,trust me...and try also delmar online coz they will asseesss u if u are already ready to take the nclex coz it will stop when u passed just like the actual exam...by the way,i only have 1 select all that apply question in my exam,6 pharma and comunicable dse..so i should say its a miracle from God that i passed my exam.
    so dont forget to pray and study....and pray on every question u will encounter coz only god knows....okay...goodluck to everyone...
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    Congratulations new nurse!
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