I passed Im in heaven

  1. I passed I couldn't believe it! Im in cloud 9. God is really good to me...Do Kaplan, Saunders, Lippincott, & NCLEX 3500 questions it helped esp. Kaplan.. Good Luck to all who will going to take it. My prayers are with you..Believe in yourself. Take care........
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    CONGRATS!! I will graduate in 40 days and I am NERVOUS!!! I did sign up for Kaplan this week though...
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    congrats! ........i also passed i use DAVIS book 2nd edition.......thats it........
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    Congrats!!!!!!!!!! Kaplan is great. Saunders also.
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    Oh congratulations go out to you, it is a grand feeling that is for sure. Hubby has just got his acceptance letter to start the Nursing Program in fall of this year. Yayyyyyyyyyy
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    Job well done
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    I passed last week, it's such a relief
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    I passed Im in heaven

    OHHHH- I thought this was a post from an allnurse member who made it to the other side. I was going to say good for you for making it to heaven- and whats it like up there.

    Late Entry- Congrats.
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