I passed! I can now have my life back...

  1. I found out this morning that I passed the NCLEX-RN!

    What a relief???? It's been quite a while since I started this "torture exam"...

    By the way the pearsonvue trick worked for me! I tried it first (3days after my exam), then I visited the NM BON web site this morning where I saw my Name with my License number! It's a bit funny coz I can't move, All I did was stare at my name for a minute! (I put it on my favorites now)
    Now I'm waiting for my mail this week!

    I really can't believe but thanks GOD I'm a registered nurse now in NM...
    I'm a license nurse here in the Philippines but I wanna try my career in the USA

    I used.....
    Saunders Comphrehensive Review Book and CD (A bit of Suzanne's plan)
    Saunders Q&A
    Kaplan Test Taking Strategies
    Kaplan Question Trainer
    Prioritization and Delegation by La Charity

    I got 140 questions on my exam, A lot of SATA, at least 5 pharma, 3 drug computations (I think I got those wrong), Prioritization, Delegation, 1 arrange in order procedure...

    But one thing for sure! I made it with the help of PRAYERS!
    I wanna thank the members of this site coz it helps me alot from start to finish! God Bless you all here!

    - Nothing is impossible wth GOD who Strengthens us -
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  3. by   kewlnurse2b
    Your from Philippines? Cool!!
    Goodluck in your career
  4. by   mamut
    hi there!

    there's a thread here about this pearsonvue trick...
    it's a way of relieving your anxiety from the agony of passing your exam!
    After you have taken your exam you can try this...
    Register again for your exam if it won't let you go on the payment page then you passed the exam!
    You may wanna read other alses comments about this trick! Search for the thread dear!

    Have you taken your exam?
    Good luck then!
    I'll pray for you!

  5. by   hopingtobeanRNsoon
    MAMUT CONGRATS! i know you passed, why did u have to torture urself? hahahaha, im so happy for you. please for us who will be taking our exams too, could u detail out how u prepared for your exam?
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    Congratulations, RN!!!!

    Did you actually use the kaplan strategies during the exam? If so, did you find it easy to apply them?
  8. by   SA Girl
    Congrats, I know you are relieved to have this behind you. Now you can move forward with your career. God Bless
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