I passed!

  1. I never wrote much during my study time, but I read every day here. Thank you so much for everyone who wrotes something here, it gave me so much!

    I did the trick and it worked

    I studied with Hurst review book, which I really liked because of many easy pictures to remember things that are important.
    I also had the Kaplan book for questions. Which I really liked.
    Also I did the NBCSNreviuw course -three weeks- The questions are really awesome and pretty close to the real NCLEX!
    The la Charity book (PDA), was the book that helps me the most. In the test were tons of these questions!
    Don't buy the cracking the NCLEX-RN book, the questions are much too easy!I also had many apps for my iPhone. I found the NCLEXQB, MOSBY Pediatrics, Saunders, Lippincots and the Kaplan questions bank very helpful. I used them every time, I had a little time, I did some questions.

    The thing that helped me the most was questions, questions, and questions. I was trying to do all the new style questions that I could find. and I always read the rational.

    If you remember the rules, like ABC, Maslow, acute before chronic, you should be fine.

    I didn't sleep the last nigth and I also studied the last day, but only because I felt very nervous if I didn't.

    If I can do it! You all can do it. Don't give up.
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    how many question did you have in your test. and how long did you study for the test
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    I had 75 question and took me a little less than a hour, bc if I read and think to much, I get it wrong, so I read, think quick and go with my first thought.

    I studied three weeks, everyday around 5hours and one day of. I mostly did questions and made notes when I did something wrong.
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    very inspiring. congratulations.

    i hope my time turned out to be like yours.
    i quitted from work to focus with my review coz am starting to be anxious. im doing the concepts of each system and then more QnA as much as possible. jotting down notes of new and important informations to inculcate in my thoughts hopinh it would help.
    im preparing bothe the LvN and RN nclex.
    thank you guys for sharing your experiences that really motivates us.
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