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  1. :spin:I am still in nursing school, and will be gaduating next May as an RN. In the meantime, I took the LPN class and I took the N-clex last friday. I was freaking out before, and I felt horrible after. Although, the test stopped right at 85 questions, you leave with the feeling that you have failed. All my classmates felt the same way, so I guess it is normal.
    Today, I did sign on for VUE, and I had the option to see the results for just $7.95, and I couldn't wait to get over the anxiety, so I paid. The results were: PASS.
    My strategy was KAPLAN on line PN Q-bank, I practiced 25 to 50 questions a day for about 2 months, and it worked. I have a Pearson book, and I would score 80 on the posttests, with Kaplan my overall was 67% after like 70 tests, but the N-clex questions were really close to KAPLAN's. They are the closest in similarity I have seen. I guess my brain remembered the strategies, and I passed. I am the real LPN now.
    Keep faith, God never fails to help you.
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    congratulations!!! goodwork, you did it!
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    And, good luck with the remainder of your RN program!!!!!