I need help:(

  1. So I just found out my Kaplan access expired today. When I access my qtrainers I thought I had 48days remaining to do it. However, when I try go back and check there's no more Kaplan online access for me. I failed my test first time with Kaplan and didn't follow up money back garuantee coz I was still trying to access the websit and thinking I still have 48days for my question bank and trainers. I need help on what to do
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  3. by   Nurseadam
    did you try to contact kaplan and tell them about the issue?
  4. by   GoingtobeanRN
    I would email them or call them-they gave me a 30-day extension after I failed...Good luck.
  5. by   mstobe_RN
    Yeah, try to call them and ask if you can have extension for your online class.. i called them yesterday and told them that i didnt pass my first test, then if i could extend my online class till oct, coz my kaplan will expire this sept and they just changed it, so i have 1mo. Extension for my onlineclass.
  6. by   jayz1989
    Thanks everyone for your input. I just called Kaplan and informd them what happened. Now, I was enrolled back again for another 3months. Hopefully I can pass this second time around. Im so scared and nervous since this will be my second attempt in this coming 2weeks..