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I feel like burning most the LVN review books I bought as they did me no good what-so-ever on the NCLEX. The questions I got came out of left field. Stuff that wasn't taught in school like post... Read More

  1. by   studentnurse2175
    Do you remember anything that was on the test? I know they changed the format as of April 1st and I'm terrified that none of my NCLEX books will help because of the format change. Anything will be of great help and comfort.
  2. by   bijou
    Urrrgh, I just wrote a really long post and lost it! Sorry. So to put it in a nutsell. Prepare, Prepare, Prepare! I used NCLEX-PN Questions & Answers made Incredibly Easy! I went through the whole book! yes (except one section-keep reading) and referred back to text books (to review & refresh) when I got a question wrong. I as well had the Saunder's review book and wished I had opened it more for the drug review. I think if I had to do it all over again, I would also do the Kaplan program and the nurse's board q & a? that I heard they have on their website? The one section in ... made Incredibly Easy, was supervision & management, (I didn't even glance at the questions) and of course I got hammered with priority and delegating questions... I think the type of questions I got in the beginning of school was more of a snap shot of the type of questions I should of prepared for and practiced more readily. That's why I would then, now, as well use Kaplan's as I heard they were very frustrating type, practice questions, and you want that practice! I had tons of SATA but I don't think anymore or less than those that took the NCLEX in March. But in school, they said we would just get one or two only, NOT! I got tons! I walked out of the testing area almost in tears as I started off the testing calm and took a deep breath, started answering questions...well, then, I found myself wrestling in the ring with a beast! and I told myself- just hold on... as I started to panic,... & when the screen went blank, my heart just came up to mouth, as I thought the challenge was stopped too soon and I was behind in points, and I didn't feel I knocked it out cold, know whatta I mean?.. Remember to know the nusing process and the why, Why you do a nursing action, what your patient teaching is, expect to know for drug side effects and actions. I think in my test I had more "overall picture type" questions {rather than anatomy, and cut and dried answers to disease process} and then presented in a SATA format... Questions that seemed should be so easy to me- the answers to choose from were so ambiguos! So my advice is to keep studying, (or you better start!, lol) to keep the odds in your favor. Good luck, and have faith.
  3. by   NenadeDios
    OMG girl , you give me hope lol , congrats i graduate in jun , & im freakin out about the boards already!!!
    Im glad you passed !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!,
  4. by   bijou
    [font=book antiqua]hi,
    [font=book antiqua]passing the test is part of the journey, now, i want to obtain a job! apply yourself to your studies and clinicals and that will be half the battle. i didn't find this thread until after i took the nclex test. i couldn't imagine stressing myself during school. so relax, and get back to class, lol.

  5. by   NenadeDios
    Yes ma'am!! :wink2:lol
  6. by   bijou
    NenadeDios :typing
    in June!
  7. by   NenadeDios
    yup yup only 7 and half more weeks!!!!!
  8. by   sweetpeanurse
    I graduate in May, and the only thing I can think about is the NCLEX. I'm glad to hear that I am not the only one that is freaking out, or has freaked out. To think that I am not that bad of test-taker, if I don't know it for sure I can narrow it down by reasoning to the correct one. But reading that the cold sweats, and almost breaking down into tears during the test. OMG!!!! HELP!!!!!!
  9. by   karendc21
    i hope you passed the NCLEX...
  10. by   bijou

    Everyone deals with stress differently so you may not neccessarily experience your test the same way. I felt a great need to express my experience as I could not relate to anyone else in my "non virtual world " like I could here. I did not freak out, until I was actually taking the test and actually working on the questions. I guess I dealt with pre-test jitters by just studying more. I studied alot...
  11. by   eileeners

    Don't freak out! Just focus on your studies for now. After graduation, that's when it gets even harder because you have to be disciplined and force yourself to study. I studied everyday for 6 weeks, 8 hours a day, and taking breaks every hour or so.

    I did panic a week before. I was so relaxed during the test and wasn't nervous at all. I honestly thought the test was easy (which I think is a bad sign). I'll find out by next Monday if I passed.

    Goodluck with your studies sweetpeanurse!
  12. by   mrstip905
    hello everyone! congratulations to all those who have passed! and for those who haven't taken it, i share your anxiety!! lol. i was wondering, do any of you know what exactly changed for the nclex this month? i read the BON website, so all i know is that they raised the passing rate (or lowered the amt u can get wrong??) but is there anything else? i'd appreciate it if someone could let me know! i'm taking my test this sat & this "change" is just about the MAIN thing that's killing me! AUGH!!!!!!!
  13. by   eileeners
    My heart stopped when I found out that I had received a letter from the boards today. It turns out that the letter is about DOJ and FBI rejecting my application because " I needed to clarify the reason for fingerprinting". It's so frustrating! I was shaking on my way to my house and kept thinking wow this is it, my life is about to change. But much to my dismay it was a false alarm.

    I don't have a slight idea when my results are coming. It's been 4 weeks! Why was I only informed of this now? I turned it in on January 22nd. I feel so helpless. With the way things are going, I might not get my results until the beginning of May I don't think they will mail the results until the BON receive the clearance from DOJ & FBI. I guess I just have to wait.