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I feel like burning most the LVN review books I bought as they did me no good what-so-ever on the NCLEX. The questions I got came out of left field. Stuff that wasn't taught in school like post... Read More

  1. by   obnurse16
    Hi I just took my exam on 02/16. I don't know my results yet and I am going crazy. My friend found out her reults in a week and I am scared I did not do good b/c I still have not heard anything. My test shut off at 85 and I felt good all the way through the test and now I get to wait, which seems like a lifetime. I hope I passed I really need it. everyone say a little prayer for me and I will be praying for yall.
  2. by   SK_LPN
    I took my boards last June and left feeling totally confused. I had questions on Sickle Cell Anemia, medications, and A Lot on prioritizing client care. Ex. you have 4 ppl one post op from TKA, one with gallstones, etc. who would require immediate attention, number them. Good Luck! Just remember it is normal to leave feeling confused. I was so scared I could hardly remember the questions once I walked out the door, and I passed.:hatparty:
  3. by   MimismomRN
    That's exactly how I felt, confused and like I failed. My friend who also took it with me was just as discouraged. We got A's in school and felt like the biggest idiots after taking that exam. We're still waiting nervously for our results. Probably another two weeks before we hear (took NCLEX on 2/16). I can't imagine having to go through it again. I'm just praying we passed and it's in God's hands.
  4. by   SK_LPN
    It only took me 24 hours to find out if I passed my boards. I just logged on to MN board of nursing and looked it up. If your BON is as fast as MN you should know by now!
  5. by   carrieLPN2006
    Ohio Board of nursing posts it on there web site also, I was also mailed my license and a nice certificate to frame 2 days after the test.
  6. by   MimismomRN
    unfortuantely California does not have that option. i even called BON, they said we have to wait for a letter and it will take up to 4 weeks. no websites or quick result options. california if cruel to nurses aren't they. i'm going out of my mind waiting. took mine on 2/16. please think good thoughts and pray for me!!!
  7. by   ertony
    You guys shoudl all read this... Will make you feel a little more comfortable about nclex testing.... I took my nclex PN today and was petrified when i finished... i got home and foudn this article online and it made be feel a little more confident in how i did. if you are doing well.. it SHOULD seem like the questions are totally rediculously hard.. read below...

    The NCLEX exams are administered using Computerized Adaptive Testing - CAT. There is a six hour limit for NCLEX-RN and a five hour time limit for NCLEX-PN which includes time for the computer tutorial and breaks.

    Using this method (CAT) each exam is unique and the questions are retrieved from a database as the exam progresses. The computer measures the ability of the candidate using the answers provided previously and changes the difficulty and topic of the new questions accordingly - if you answer correctly the computer will select harder questions and if you are answer incorrectly it will choose easier questions. The software estimates your ability every time you provide the answer to a question and with each new answer you provide the estimate of your ability gets more precise.

    The exam software selects questions that it believes you will have a close to 50% chance of answering correctly - not too hard or too easy for the ability it believes you have. This is done so that a well prepared candidate will be asked more difficult questions thus having a good chance of passing the exam by answering the minimum number of questions while less prepared candidates are not forced to guess the answers to questions too difficult for them. The expected number of correct answers is half the total number of questions you are presented with because of the adaptive nature of the test.

    After you answer the minimum number of questions for the exam the software will analyze your performance and it may shut-down the computer. This means that you either passed or failed the exam. The computer will shut-down only when the program running the test has determined with 95% certainty that your ability is either above or below the passing standard.

    The only way to get additional questions is if you are very close to the passing score - either 2.5% above or 2.5% below it. If this is the case you should not worry about failing but instead should concentrate on answering correctly the next set of questions. You must understand that you are very close to passing the exam if you answer most questions correctly from this point on. You must answer the maximum number of questions on the exam only if at the end of each set of questions you are within the 2.5% above or below the passing score. The time you spend on each question is not an important factor with regard to passing but you should answer the required number of questions in the allotted time.

    If you are required to answer the maximum number of questions and the computer still isn't 95% sure you can pass, the 95% confidence requirement is dropped. If at this point you have a score higher than the minimum required you pass the exam otherwise you fail. If you run out of time and did not answer the minimum number of questions required you fail automatically. If you run out of time but you answered the minimum number of questions required and for the last 60 questions your score was never below the passing standard you pass otherwise you fail the exam. This does not mean that you have to answer the last 60 questions correctly but only that at any point during the last 60 questions your score was above the minimum required to pass the exam. You can think about it this way: for each correct answer add one to your score while for each incorrect answer subtract one. Adding your scores one at a time for each question answered should never result in a negative score in order for you to pass if you run out of time but you have answered the minimum number of questions required.

    Article by study-online.net
  8. by   brneydk
    I am a student nurse getting ready to take boards soon and i had the luck of taking the ERI ( ERI is a course for LVN/LPNs to take and you are garunteed to passed or money back.)course for free,and so far according to their numbers ppl don't fail after taking their course. However what i've learned the last year is to use my critical thinking, period. We are forced to take these ERI (my school makes it mandatory b/c their passing rate sucked until their student's starting taking them) they are part of our grade and the test us on stuff we have not learn or will not learn in school and i've done quite well with just critically thinking and not stressing. So i do thank the ERI ppl b/c they helped me critically think about the problem beside of reverting to i did not learn that in school. Also, maybe it's our school but they drilled cultrual differences into our heads when it comes to care.

    Oh and before our school started this ERI thing there only 5 or 6 ppl out of a class of 30 were passing their boards and that was after multiple tries . They just made the ERI mandatory with this last graduating class and the 15 students who took their boards within the first month all passed and they all thank ERI.
  9. by   allnursing
    As I read these different post evryone bascically feels the same way i do today. i walked out of the testing center just numb. I want this so bad butI have not had the easiest time passing in nursing school but i finallly did it. Iam praying harder than i think i ever have that i passe. My computer shut off around 170 questions. i am very scared because I see most people computer cut off @ 85. Any other success stories outthere thsat aren't just @ 85 questions. I am a strong believer in gods will and having his way but please pray for me. my children sand i need this posotive change in our lives to move foward. Being a single parent of 2 is more than a challenge but i truely believe that god would not have brought us this far only to leave us. Please pray for me.
  10. by   nursynurseRN
    Hey..........I just took the NCLEX-PN today! It is so hard to predict if you passed or failed! My test stoped at 85! But i felt like I was guessing on everything too; like many others; i feel numb and don't know what to feel. I am scared to feel good about the test because I might be wrong. I don't want to feel like I failed because It is hard to believe that after all this time of prep. didn't Work. Well, today the countdown starts till results!!
  11. by   EmEm ANn
    I TooK my NCLex-PN 12-18-06! Here in Miami FL! I stopped @ 100! I didn't have a hard time! It was my 2nd try. I am very anxious! I want to know! I know 100 is a solid number to pass... But who knows!!! The 1st time I took it the computer stopped @ 205! What are my possibilities of passing ending @ 100?
  12. by   pagandeva2000
    I hated the whole game of NCLEX...the stress, the fear, the studying, then to get to that freaking exam and see that none of the questions related to what I studied. I passed at 85, but never again will I put myself through that mental torture. I wish everyone the very best of luck while studying and waiting.
  13. by   dmancinotti
    Hi Everyone,
    This is my first time posting here. I took the nclex pn on Wed. and i am trying to stay positive about it. It was really difficult. Most of the questions were not familiar to me and I had to guess a lot. I have been praying so much that I pass. I have a wonderful husband who believes in me and three beautiful children. I really want this and any words of encouragement from fellow test takers would be appreciated. My test shut off at 85 questions. I hope it is true that we only need to pass half of the questions. Does anyone know for sure?