I guess I passed? 75 Questions :)

  1. Took the NCLEX this morning... It took me about an hour to get through 75 questions. I was shaking VIOLENTLY after pressing "submit" at question 75... I was sure I must have failed because I thought it was pretty simple. Got out to my car, did the Pearson Vue trick, and wasn't able to register again, so I guess I passed...although I certainly wouldn't be surprised to find out I am one of the few for whom the Pearson Vue trick didn't work :P

    I used only Kaplan and Saunders and felt pretty confident during the test... was definitely prepared.

    I hope Virginia has the results online soon.

    Does anyone know how long it generally takes to receive the license in the mail? I'm also moving this weekend, so I'm sure it'll somehow get lost somewhere before I get it, haha. I don't generally have the best luck.
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  3. by   erifica
    Was the delivery successful when you did the trick? If so, sounds like you passed!
  4. by   zeifrancisco
    Congrats! Mindy Lane! Took mine today and stopped at 78 had the good pop up and says delivery successful! WE PASSED! Don't doubt it!
  5. by   Mindylane
    It did say delivery successful, though I didn't realize that was a requirement, oops! I checked again, and it does.

    Yay! Woohoo! Congrats to you as well, zei!
  6. by   rob4546
    My results showed up on the state BON website 3 days after my test and 1 week from the test I received my license in the mail. That has been faster than everyone else so far in my class by nearly 1 week. Your results may vary, congratulations on passing.
  7. by   playas09
    Congrats did you find saunders or kaplan more helpful during the test? Thanks
  8. by   Mindylane
    Thanks, rob, for the info!

    I found both pretty helpful, honestly... Saunders for content, Kaplan for practice. Both were good.
  9. by   Mindylane
    Just an update: I did pass! I guess I was just prepared, because I thought there was no way it would be THAT easy! Now I just need to start getting ready for my new job next month. I am over the moon
  10. by   runsalot
    I felt like vomiting too. Almost had a panic attack at 73. Stopped at 75 on Friday. Thought it was easy. And my name is on my bon today.
  11. by   S.RN
    My biggest obstacle is my nerves!!!!!